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Cheltenham by numbers – Everything you need to know

| 09.02.2012

Satisfy your inner racing anorak with our guide to everything you’ve never wanted to know about the Festival

• 230,000 spectators attend the four days of the Festival
• Almost £600m will be staked on the outcome of the 27 races
• The total prize money is £3.38m – an average of £125,000 per race

Drink served
• 20,000 bottles of champagne
• 30,000 bottles of wine
• 240,000 bottles of beer and lager
• 220,000 pints of Guineas
• 10,000 gallons of tea and coffee

Food served
• Laid end to end, the burgers, hot dogs and sandwiches consumed wach day would stretch to almost three miles

Transport throughout the four days to arrive at Cheltenham
• 30,000 cars
• 2,000 coaches
• 50 stretch limousines
• 650 helicopter landings

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