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Ladbrokes Fan Zone: Is watching footballing now too expensive?

| 11.01.2013

Manchester City fans have this week reignited the debate over the cost of going to football after the Premier League champions returned over 900 of their allocation for Sunday’s game at Arsenal priced at £62 a ticket.

The snub has highlighted how supporters in the top flight are getting increasingly frustrated with spiralling ticket prices – and the disillusionment is replicated through all tiers of British football.

Our Facebook followers certainly had strong opinions on the issue when we quizzed them about it on Thursday.

Here’s what some of you had to say:

Simon Lee Hartley – My BRFC season ticket is 180. 62 for a game is horrid

Ryan Williams – Price of tickets has killed the atmosphere at grounds. arsenal most expensive and worst fans in the league

David Hoyal – Agree £62 is 25per cent of my take home pay, football happens every week, don’t even pay that for a gig

Rachel Maria Pinkney – I wanted to go to watch Doncaster Rovers at Stevenage but it’s gonna cost me £100 I just can’t afford it £23 for my ticket £16 for my brother then train fare its a dear do then there’s food and drink so I feel for fans of premiership clubs it must be double what I pay £62 a ticket is extortionate x

Ed Chinnick – A season ticket for United can cost as ‘little’ as £700. For that, you get 19 home league games and home games in every other competition. So according to Arsenal, 11 games at the Emirates should cost as much as a whole season at Old Trafford?

Chris Sellers – Man city sending tickets back? They are the biggest reason why we are having to pay too much to go to the footy stupid wages for big egos

Ruth Gee Grover – My grandson wanted to go to see Man City for his 9th birthday, he loves following them. It was £125 for one adult, my Grandson and a friend as this is in lieu of a party. It’s getting like American sport..all corporate and visitors. It’s very sad. When I was a child we went to football every home game (Middlesbrough), we couldn’t afford it now.

Dave Lindsay – £62 is just the start….add the cost of getting to the ground, maybe something to eat/drink, programme, etc……Its cheaper to have a holiday abroad. If Arsenal are thinking the lack of City fans will somehow have an effect on City’s performance….Think again!!!!

Jason Marples – Our game on Saturday. Sheffield United against Yeovil is £10 for adults & £1 for kids under 16. Now that is exceptable for any football fans, I think the maximum price should be £25-£30 for a top game, anything else is just a rip-off.

Mark Garness – Go and see a lower league or non league game. Far cheaper and more entertaining.

Kay Box – Just imagine a family of 4 having to pay put £248 just to watch a footie match its disgusting that is more than what some workers pick up for working 40 hours

Leon Dawson – Football used to be a sport for the working class people. Now it’s almost become a luxury which only the really well of can afford. Part explains why the atmosphere at some grounds isn’t what it used to be.

Matty Frost – Doesnt matter how big or small of a fan you are..it is simply costing too much to go to games..even league 2 games are costing 24 pound a game..its crazy!

Andrew Richardson – City v Watford cup match for my 13 yr old son £1…thats how to treat fans…well done all those not going to the game..those who are I congratulate you on your loyalty, but you shouldn’t be ripped off. Time for the F.A to set maximum ticket prices for away fans…charge your own fans what u like.

How much does it cost you to watch your favourite team? Do you think it represents good value for money? Give us your views!



Mark Bowering