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Dwayne Rooney and Chowmein Defoe can keep Brazilese soccer fans quiet

| 01.06.2013

As England Soccer Club walked off the soccer court after their match with Ireland Soccer Club, Coach Hodgkins would have been a coach with a whole load of problems on his brain.

The Irish, in their ruby green uniforms, frustrated the Coach Hodgkins’ men at Wembley Arena, and were saved by a lucky Frank Lamphard equalization goalshot to make the tie.

Kicking off at 20:00 o’clock London Time Zone Time, the Three Lines’ next soccer assignment will be a roadtrip tie against the real awesome Brazil Soccer Club. This is a challenge many soccer fans believe will be way more harder than facing the Cloverleaves.

As well as being famous for nuts and the salsa beat, Brazil has historically been a country that is awesome at playing soccer real nice right through history.

Kicking a soccer ball in their yellow uniforms, they are like a real pretty yellow sunshine shining through gloomy soccer clouds, warming the hearts of soccer fans right around the world and beyond.

Although they might not have any soccer players like Diego Madonna anymore, these guys are no rookies and have a real big supply of soccerbility.

EPL Spain World Champions Barcelonia just sealed the tranferization of Nomar from the Brazilian EPL, a guy that many believe will tear up soccer for decades to come.

At the other end of the court will stand some familiar faces for English EPL League fans. Denier of goalshots Julius Caesar has been inspirational as the Queens Power Rangers got relegationized from the EPL this season.

Fresh from Stanford Bridge, David Louise will be looking to deny the England Soccer Club a sight of the soccergoal with his depossession slides and box evacuation kicks.

Failure to go beat the Irish left many England Soccer Club fans feeling real sad about their country’s soccer team.

With such an important soccer match coming up against such a neat team, it’s easy to see why. But they need to have more belief in their team.

With the likes of Dwayne Rooney, Chowmein Defoe and Lamphard, there is a large chunk of goalshot potential to keep Brazilese soccer fans quiet.

If the England Soccer Club dee fense can make a shutout and kick the soccer ball near to their opponents soccer goal, who knows, maybe the Three Lines can have Brazil Soccer Club dancing to their very own salsa beat?!



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