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EPL coaches to seize opportunities in franchise enhancement window

| 01.07.2013

As soccer players across the world enjoy their summer time spring break, it’s already time to do work for English EPL Soccer Coaches.

When the clock strikes July 1st, the soccer world transformizes in to one major soccer player emporium and speculization is already flying round all over the place.

With Coach Moyles stepping up to the Soccer Coach plate at Man Unity, there’s been a whole load of rumours for the EPL World Champions.  Dwayne Rooney looked like he was gonna get transferized, but might not be now.

Former London Arsenal Center Park man Sex Fabregas was also tipped to hook up with the Soccer Devils, whereas his Barcelonia franchise buddy Thiago Alcatraz might wanna go too.

Unity’s cross-town rivals, the City Sky Blues have already been active, saying goodbye to Mexican soccer player Tevez and bringing in Jesus Naffass from Severe Franchise Club in EPL Spain.

The Full Mooners can hardly expect miracles from their new purchase on his own and are linked with a transferization battle with Chelsea Blue Lions for Edison Caravani.

Juan Mourinho’s interest in Caravani is real, but he may also look to purchase Brazil’s Grant Hulk as he looks to gain a goalshot inserter to insert the soccerball in to the soccer goal for Chelsea Franchise Club.

In Clint Dempsey, Whitespurs look the complete soccer package already.  Their main mission is to hang on tight to EPL MVP Garth Bale who looks to be wanted by Real Salt Lake’s Madrid franchise in EPL Spain.

With Chowmein Defoe their only recognized goalshot getter, a move for David Vanilla may also materialise for Peter Andre Villas Boas’ franchise.

London Arsenal also look like they’ll finally be spending some English dollars on a goalshot inserter, as they try and fill the gap that was vacantized by RSVP as he made the move to Unity last summer time.

The Unity’s very own Dwayne Rooney has been linked whereas Real Salt Lake Madrid’s Hig Y. Ian has been tipped to go and do his soccer at the Emigrates.

Liver Pool’s franchise enhancement is a mystery.  Uraguaygian soccer player Lewis Swearez has said that he wants to leave and will happily bite if a foreign franchise show him the bait.  It remains to be seen if the Liver Duck’s can hang on to their man.

There’s gonna be drama ahead, that’s for sure.  To all the soccer coaches, it sure is a franchise enhancement window of opportunity.



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