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Is Lansley our next EU Commissioner? Latest betting reaction.

| 09.06.2014

Here is Ladbrokes’ latest betting on the next UK EU Commissioner:


As recently as this morning, some people were already counting their Lansley winnings. But, hang on – what’s this?

Ladbrokes are staring at an unwelcome loss if Lansley gets it, as he’s been backed down all the way from 16/1. Our odds suggest he will still get the gig, but that is an unusually bold and unambiguous prediction from Trevor Kavanagh.

We’ll be cheering for former Tory MEP Martin Callanan, who wasn’t even in the betting until last week. Like most people, I had no idea who he was until his name was floated recently. He would be, in the language of the betting trade, “an absolute skinner”. Nick Clegg and Lord Howard, both at 16/1 are the only other runners we’ve taken any significant money on. We’ve also put Gove and May in the betting, each at 25/1, in case Cameron wants to solve that little problem by packing one of them off to Brussels.








Matthew Shaddick

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