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Who Killed Lucy Beale? Ben Mitchell still among Walford’s Most Wanted

| 24.12.2014

“The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist,” Kevin Spacey’s Verbal Kint explains in The Usual Suspects, and to those with a working knowledge of the film and Eastenders, Ben Mitchell may be the closest thing the BBC soap has to a Keyser Soze.

A wolf dressed in sheep’s clothing, Ben has long presented the facade of a normal boy to the watching world, while getting himself up to all sorts of ‘bovva’ on the Square.

Being the son of human-baked-potato Phil Mitchell was always going to be tough but it’s fair to say old Ben has done about as good a job at behaving himself as Dot Cotton has at raising Nasty Nick.

An outsider at 8/1 to be the killer of his “niece” Lucy Beale, it’s surprising that more people are not pointing the finger at the younger Mitchell, considering he is one of the few with form in this particular area.

While no one begrudged Ben for murdering Heather (one more storyline involving her love of Wham and even George Michael may have kicked off) he has nevertheless has the taste for blood and after seeing what Lucy put her dad, and his brother, Ian Beale through, he may have stepped in.

And before anyone questions whether Ben would take the life of someone so young, they obviously forgot his garage-based confrontation with a former school friend/bully that ended with Mitchell issuing a terrifying threat.

With five different actors portraying Ben over the years, the character is fast becoming the soap equivalent of James Bond and, like 007, we reckon he may be about to renew his license to kill with those behind the scenes at Eastenders promising a mega-twist in the New Year.

A Mitchell becoming a serial killer on the square doesn’t get much better  – they have better give Grant a call, as this could be about to get messy.

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