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Love Your Club: Sean Dillon – Dundee United

| 24.07.2015

The list of people working hard behind the scenes at Dundee United may not be huge but that’s what makes the club so special.

That is according to the Terrors captain Sean Dillon, who says the small staff and tight relationships at Tannadice Park are what helps push the club in the right direction.

Here the Irishman tells us why he loves Dundee United…

Why do you love Dundee United?

I’ve been here long enough to love it! It’s definitely grown on me and I’m enjoying my time. It’s quite family oriented and compared to other clubs we have a small staff so you know everybody and we’re a tight-knit organisation.

Describe the fans and what they mean to the club

The fans are the most important part of the club and the old chairman Eddie Thompson, before he passed away, said that and without the fans we’d be nothing so they are the biggest part of it.

Like any other fans they get frustrated at times and we’ve seen that of late but thankfully they’ve stuck with it and they’ll continue to stick with us.

I meet fans all the time whether I’m on club duty or not and I’ve never had any hassle, they’ve always been really nice so I appreciate that.

What’s the vibe like in the dressing room?

The vibe is really good and we’ve got a great buzz. It’s better when you’re winning and things are going well but that’s a given.

In general we try to keep things as upbeat as possible going into games and there’s always good buzz.

In the preparation in the couple of hours before a game everybody does different things. Some are chilling and some are listening to heavy music but as it gets closer to kick-off we all come together.

Walking out on the pitch is always a good time, especially when you’re playing you get that adrenaline, excitement and of course a bit of nerves.

Can you name a Dundee United Backroom Hero?

My mate Paul Reid. There’s quite a few to be fair as we don’t have a huge amount of people at the club. I get on with him though; he’s the commercial manager and a good friend of mine and does a great job at the club.

You could go through a whole list of people though. Bev Anderson up in the office is always looking after the boys regarding anything they need, Gordon Grady and what he does around the community and loads of others.

There’s three names but I’m sure I’ll get hit for not naming others though! The girls in the shop obviously deserve a mention and everybody works really hard but for me Paul would be the standout one.

What do you love most about being a Dundee United footballer?

Being able to keep fit every day is a bonus. But playing football for a living is incredible. I’ve had jobs before in offices and enjoyed them but you can’t enjoy anything more than playing football. The buzz of driving into training knowing you’ll put a kit on and train and play for a living brings great satisfaction and hopefully I’ll do it for a bit longer.



James Curtis

After studying for a degree in journalism and gaining his NCTJ, James contributed to a wide range of papers, online publications and broadcasters including the South London Press, Press Association and Sky Sports News before joining the Ladbrokes News team.