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EU Referendum: Four best bets to consider for tomorrow’s vote

| 22.06.2016

After years of murmurings, months of campaigning, and weeks of televised debates, it’s now time for the people of the United Kingdom to vote in the EU Referendum and decide their future. 

Millions upon millions are expected to turn out on Thursday to vote either Remain within the EU, or Leave it and go it alone with a Brexit.

A Leave vote has been deemed as the outsider by the bookies since David Cameron first announced a referendum would be held, and at 3/1 the Brexit option is still the underdog.

Remain is 1/4 favourite, but who knows what might happen when the good people of the UK take to those poll booths?

So ahead of the big day, here are four bets we reckon we should all think long and hard about…

Leave Vote Percentage – Under 46.5 @ Evens

For all of the talk, debate and slanging-matches, Leave has never been deemed as the likely outcome by the bookies. However, the result is largely expected to be a close one, should those on the fence stick rather than twist, then Evens on a Leave percentage of under 46.5 looks assured.

Remain Vote Percentage – 50-55 @ 7/4

The most likely outcome as regarded by the bookies. Should this prove as close a contest as expected, then 7/4 will appeal to many rather than the 1/3 outright price on a Remain decision.

Turnout Percentage – Over 70.5 @ Evens

With so much attention rightly given to this historic and life-changing event, the turnout could be one of the UK’s highest for any national vote ever, making a turnout of over 70.5 at Evens a potentially savvy move.

And if you’re looking for something a little more juicy..

Remain Vote Percentage – 60-65 @ 7/1

A Remain win in the early 60s could be your ticket. Many experts have said those who don’t yet know what to vote for are the ones who will sway this vote, and historically the UK has produced cautious voters.

Keep checking back to our dedicated EU Referendum site for the latest market moves, insight and analysis.

All Odds and Markets are correct as of the date of publishing.



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