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EU Referendum: The key players for Vote Leave

| 01.06.2016

The arrival of June means we can say that by the end of this month the UK will have voted on whether to leave or remain in the European Union. It also means you can expect to hear a lot more from both camps in the run-up to the historic EU Referendum on June 23.

The back and forth between campaigners for Leave and Remain has already been fierce, but with time running out to persuade and to dissuade, things are set to get heated.

Vote Leave is the official campaign for a departure from the European Union, and there are a host of high-ranking politicians – from all backgrounds – hoping that this month’s vote results in the UK stepping out alone.

Here are some of the Leave campaign’s key players…

Nigel Farage – UKIP Leader

One of the earliest campaigners for a Brexit, Nigel Farage hasn’t let up his quest despite Vote Leave ousting his Grassroots Out group in the battle to become the official Leave organisation.

With a number of televised debate appearances scheduled this month, Farage is sure to be a major factor on how much traction the Leave campaign can generate in the run-up to the Referendum on June 23.

Farage has already had to cancel a speech in Birmingham due to protests, and you can expect more fireworks in the coming weeks.

Boris Johnson – Conservative MP & former Mayor of London

At odds with David Cameron and George Osborne, many were surprised when Boris Johnson finally laid out his stance earlier this year.

The former Mayor of London won’t stand against the Prime Minister in any televised debates, and he may not do any at all, but Johnson has been vocal in disputing many of the Remain camp’s key arguments.

Very much a trump card for the Leave group, Johnson has stated a Brexit as ‘win-win’ and has cited Canada’s EU deal as an example from which the UK could learn.

Michael Gove – Justice Secretary

Another huge coup for the Brexit camp, Michael Gove is joint-head of the Vote Leave campaign, but is also a close friend of David Cameron.

Alongside Johnson, Gove is proposing a tough Australian-style stance on immigration, which is a key topic of both side’s campaigns.

Gisela Stuart – Labour MP

A rare Labour MP backing a Brexit, German-born Gisela Stuart has arguably been the biggest voice from the opposition on a Leave vote.

Co-chair of Vote Leave, Stuart has been MP for Birmingham Edgbaston since 1997, and believes the UK does not need Brussels.

Despite her party’s official stance being to Remain, Stuart has declared the single currency Eurozone as a ‘ticking time bomb’.

Chris Grayling – Leader of the House of Commons

One of the first cabinet ministers to declare their allegiance to Leave, Chris Grayling has keen to reach out to younger voters, stating that remaining within the EU will hinder young people’s chances of getting on the property ladder due to an inability to control immigration.

Believes David Cameron should remain in his position whatever the outcome on June 23.

Iain Duncan Smith – Conservative MP and former party leader

The former Conservative leader is campaigning independently for a Leave vote, and spoke at Ladbrokes’ Brexit Business Case Debate about the ramifications of staying in the EU.

Similar to Grayling, IDS has gone on record to claim a failure to control immigration will hit wages and the affordability of homes and that a Leave vote would allow the UK to better control its borders.

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