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EU Referendum: The key players for Vote Remain

| 07.06.2016

The historic EU Referendum is little under three weeks away, and that means it’s crunch time for David Cameron and co as they try to drum up support in the bid to persuade the UK to vote Remain within the European Union.

The Prime Minister promised that if he won the 2015 General Election that he would hold an EU Referendum.

He did. And here we are.

It hasn’t been a smooth ride for the Tories, with a host of their big-hitters shifting to the Leave brigade, but as far as the bookies are concerned, a Remain vote is most likely.

Cameron has some strong allies in his team too.

David Cameron – Prime Minister and Conservative Party Leader

The main man at the centre of this referendum, David Cameron hasn’t been holding back in his belief that the UK is better off in the EU.

The vote on June 23 will impact his position and legacy more than anyone else, and he spent much of January and February trying to negotiate a special deal with the EU which will kick-in should the UK vote to remain.

Has support from senior Conversative members such as George Osborne and even Labour’s new London Mayor Sadiq Khan, but has found himself at odds with widely-tipped future Tory leader Boris Johnson.

George Osborne

Right there alongside Cameron for team Remain. Osborne has been focusing on informing the country on the potential financial implications of a Leave vote, including warning of a long-year recession.

His comments have drawn the ire of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn – who is also for a Remain vote – but the Chancellor and his Prime Minister are putting on a strong united front ahead of the crucial weeks ahead.

Lord Rose

Chair of Britain Stronger in Europe – the official Remain campaign – Lord Rose is one of the biggest and most influential names in British business.

Previously head of Argos and the Arcadia Group among others, has stated that staying in the EU is the ‘patriotic course for Britain’.

May not be the man to sway individual voters, but his business nous and acumen makes Lord Rose a strong asset for the Remain camp.

Alan Johnson

Unlike Lord Rose, former Home Secretary Alan Johnson is a man who could pick-up crucial support among the as-yet undecided.

Is head of the ‘Labour In’ campaign and has gone on record saying part of his mission is to mobilise support among the party.

Highly-passionate about an issue he believes is ‘far more important than a General Election’, Johnson could be in for a significant three weeks.

Will Straw

Son of Labour Home Sectretary Jack, Will Straw is the executive director of Britain Stronger in Europe and is well-respected across both parties.

Missed out on becoming an MP last year, but hasn’t shirked asking, and answering, the tough questions, and responded strongly to Vote Leave this week after they laid out their plans for an Australian-style migration policy.

All Odds and Markets are correct as of the date of publishing.



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