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Steven Pressley: We may never know why Warburton and Rangers split

| 15.02.2017

My take on Mark Warburton’s departure is that perhaps it hasn’t been handled in the manner that everyone would have wanted. Maybe there’s been some mudslinging going on.

When a manager leaves the club you hope that both sides leave with class and dignity and I’m not sure that that has happened in this respect. But that’s where they are.

The important thing for Rangers now is they take that big deep breath, and make the correct appointment. Because what often happens as a time like this is that everyone is jostling for position and everyone uses their contacts within the media to promote themselves for the job.

You get pressure from agents, and what Rangers need to do is take a step back from all of this, not allow any of these aspects to influence them and draw a full profile of the type of manager they want.

Then they need to go through a stringent recruitment process to find the right man. And the biggest thing for me is they appoint the person who is right for the job, and not a man who appeases the supporters. That’s the biggest thing.

I’ve seen it on so many occasions that clubs talk about the type of manager they want but in the end they don’t stay true to those principles. They bow to the pressures of the media and the supporters and they don’t appoint the guy who is right for the club. That’s a really big thing.

Everybody needs to pull together at Ibrox

The Rangers heirarchy have mentioned they want a Director of Football in place and if you ask me, the Director of Football should be appointed before the manager. I think that the director should be responsible for the appointment of the manager.

My take on it is that he should have the same accountability as a manager. If he appoints them, he has to make sure he gets the right guy, he has to make sure the manager can deliver success. And if they can’t deliver success, then it shouldn’t be just the manager who is accountable, it should be the Director of Football too.

And if you get that type of scenario, then you do get everybody really pushing and putting pressure on each other to deliver a winning culture in your football club. But that only comes if the Director of Football and those around him are under similar pressure to the manager.

What I can say, from the outside looking in, is they’ll certainly need a manager that can maximise his players, and be very astute with regards the tactical aspects of his team and the maxismising that potential, because they don’t have the same resources as Celtic.

So I’m not sure the position is for solely a manager, or a man-manager. I think it’s a position that requires a good tactical, motivational coach.

I think the unfortunate thing in Scotland is that if you’re a Rangers manager you’re only really judged by your counterpart at Celtic, and vice-versa.

I think there’s been a slight loss of perspective in terms of where Rangers have come from and how quickly they could return to where they were.

But honestly, I’m not convinced totally that’s why Mark left the club. I think we’re only scratching the surface here, and there were greater issues that we may never find out about that have had an impact on him losing his job.

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Steven Pressley

Steven Pressley has won every domestic honour as a player and manager in Scotland with Rangers, Hearts, Celtic and Falkirk as well as having the honour of appearing for his country on 32 occasions.

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