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The Cost of a Premier League Goal

| 09.08.2018

The Premier League is one of the most popular competitions in the world and generates billions of pounds every year. As a result, we’re seeing clubs shell out more and more money in their search for the best players around.

Ladbrokes can reveal the clubs who consistently get the highest (and lowest) return on their investments by analysing top strikers’ cost per goal. Click here to discover the latest Premier League odds.

Lowest Cost per Goal 2017/2018: The Top 20 Best Value Strikers

Using player salary data from Spotrac and WageIndicator combined with the goals scored and average time played on the pitch sourced from the Premier League directly, Ladbrokes have found the Premier League’s best value striker when looking at the lowest cost per goal.

Brighton and Hove Albion’s striker, Glenn Murray, has the lowest cost per goal of any other striker in the Premier League at just £97,500 and scoring, on average, every 138 minutes of pitch time. Murray beat top goal scorers such as Harry Kane and Mohamed Salah to claim the top spot.

Here are the top 20 players with the lowest cost per goal:

Highest Cost per Goal 2017/2018: Which strikers take the title?

Strikers are often the most expensive players to buy during transfer season. Why? They lead from the front, they score the goals, and goals win games.

The strikers showing the least return on their clubs investment with the highest cost per goals are; Islam Slimani (£4,160,000), Yannick Bolasie (£3,900,000) and Danny Ings (£3,900,000).

Whilst we know many of these spent a large part of the season injured, we have included minutes played to clearly indicate in the table below the top 20 players with the highest cost per goal:

The Clubs that Spent Wisely 2017/2018:

Taking a look at the clubs specifically, the ‘top four’ were beaten to the top two spots when it comes to lowest cost per goal, throwing up some interesting stats around the clubs that spent wisely last season.

Despite the talent at larger clubs being arguably better, the likes of Manchester United, Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur only appear once in ‘The Lowest Cost per Goal: Which Strikers are the Best Value?’ league table above, showing that the ‘top four’ don’t always come in pole position.

Instead, Burnley appear three times and Huddersfield Town twice, as seen in this table:

The Clubs that Pay Their Strikers The Most Per Minute Played

Ladbrokes are also able to reveal the Premier League clubs that pay their strikers the highest amount per minute, according to the pitch time played in the league.

The Premier League clubs paid out an astonishing grand total of over £261m on striker salaries last season, this divided by how long the strikers spent playing shows just how much they pay per minute.

Arsenal pay their strikers the highest amount of £3,721.37 per minute, and Huddersfield Town pay their strikers the lowest amount per minute at £696.54.

See how much your favourite club pays their striker per minute below:

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Ladbrokes sourced the player goal and time played on pitch statistics from the Premier League directly, and combined it with salary data from Spotrac and WageIndicator, where possible. Players annual salary during the season (39 weeks) was then divided by the amount of goals scored to find the average cost per goal. Data for 11 of the strikers for the 2017/18 season was not publically available and has therefore been omitted in the table findings above. Full data available upon request.