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Kevin Doyle talks Liverpool, Man United and Arsenal v Man City

| 12.12.2019

Liverpool v Watford, Saturday @ 12:30 

It would be a shock to see Watford getting a result here, but I wouldn’t put it past them – they have done it before! 

They have changed managers and seem to have a habit of getting results on the back of that. They are playing against a top performing Liverpool team though which leaves it hard to see anything else other than a Liverpool win. 

In truth, I’m not sure about Watford’s security in the league. If they don’t shape up in the next few weeks, then it could be too late for them. This could be the season where their managerial merry-go-round is not going to work. 

I can see Liverpool remaining at the top of the table for the rest of the season. I had made a brave call back in late September and said I could see them winning, and my opinion hasn’t changed.

They have lots of games coming up and need to rotate, they can’t play the same players in every game. It could be a good move for them to make some new signings in January as the squad is slightly light.  

Liverpool are far too strong for Watford and I see them scoring some nice goals in this game.  

Prediction: 3-0 Liverpool

Leicester v Norwich, Saturday @ 15:00 

Leicester are having a far better season than Norwich. However, on paper there is not as much of a difference between the two as the table says. The Canaries could surprise us; they have surprised a few top teams this season. They could get something out of the game, but I find it hard to see anything other than a Leicester win. 

Jamie Vardy is still going strong. Having scored nine games in a row, they are getting a fantastic return from him. I don’t know if he will make it past 30 goals, but I can see him being top scorer and getting the Golden Boot. He is playing with confidence and is fit and as fast as ever.  
This will be a tough game for the Norwich fans to watch. My advice to the team would be to get out there and try your best and put everyone behind the ball. 

Prediction: 2-0 Leicester

Southampton v West Ham, Saturday @ 17:30

Southampton are in better form than West Ham and playing at home this will be an advantage for them. Having conceded two late goals against Newcastle last weekend, they will be disappointed as they had been looking for three wins on the bounce and it was big blow for the squad.  

Psychologically for Southampton this will be tough, but I do think they have better form than West Ham and should be able to dust themselves off to win in this game.

The Hammers have been struggling and look to be coming close to a managerial change. It will be interesting to see how this will affect the team.

Prediction: 2-1 Southampton

Man Utd v Everton, Sunday @ 14:00 

Last weekend I had predicted a relatively comfortable Man City win, so as a supporter when Man Utd came out 2-1 on top, I was pleasantly surprised! Being a derby, I could see Man Utd playing well and being more aggressive, however I didn’t see them doing this for the whole 90 minutes.

They ended up having enough quality to win and they rightly deserved to. Hopefully Ole Gunnar Solskjaer proves everyone wrong and can keep this form up.  

Everton’s win against Chelsea under caretaker manager Duncan Ferguson last weekend was a shock to me also. Duncan is a club legend, if it comes to him being offered the full-time position, there will be no issues with the fans accepting him.

People who work with Duncan everyday will know if he should get the full-time manager position or not. Coming in and winning one game has got him off to a good start however, it does come down to him being able to maintain this form.  

Man Utd are facing a totally different proposition to the Everton team pre-manager change. I am most looking forward to watching this game this weekend as Man Utd seem to be on the rise and I am hopeful they can maintain this great effort to win 2-0 at Old Trafford.  

Prediction: 2-0 Man United

Wolves v Spurs, Sunday @ 14:00 

This is an evenly matched game and I don’t think there will be much in it. They are two strong teams who are very closely matched however, Spurs do have a slight upper hand. If I was to choose a best value bet, this would be a 1-1 draw. 

Wolves at home will give them a little edge. But with José Mourinho on Spurs’ side, he has them performing well and playing as a solid team. Having given Troy Parrott his Premier League debut last weekend, I don’t think he will be blanked totally.

If Mourinho continues to offer him 10-15 minutes playing time to integrate him into the Premier League, this will allow him to gain confidence and really show his manager what he can do.

Prediction: 1-1 Draw 

Arsenal v Man City, Sunday @ 16:30 

Man City haven’t been performing at their best for the past month of two. Losing to Liverpool was a big blow to them and now having lost to Man Utd, it will be a punch in the gut. Arsenal’s 3-1 win against West Ham last weekend should give them a confidence boost.  

We are looking at two teams who have not been playing to their full potential. It is hard to predict what way this game will play out.  

This is the first time I have seen Pep Guardiola ruffled. He had been talking about Man Utd having the strong team last weekend, but Man City have much better form and probably the best squad in the League! For the first time he is under some pressure and it will be interesting to see how he deals with this. 

I can see Man City wanting to get back into winning action with this game and Pep putting his foot down and getting the squad back to playing at their best.  

Prediction: 3-1 Man City

My 1-2-Free prediction

Southampton v West Ham: 2-1 Southampton
Man Utd v Everton: 2-0 Man Utd 
Arsenal v Man City: 3-1 Man City

My Five-Fold ACCA

Liverpool v Watford: Liverpool win

Chelsea v Bournemouth: Chelsea win

Southampton v West Ham: Southampton win

Leicester v Norwich: Leicester win

Stoke City v Reading: Reading win 




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