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Heurelho Gomes says Mr Nice Guy Ben Foster the happiest man alive

| 18.01.2022

Heurelho Gomes gave Ladbrokes an exclusive interview about his time at Tottenham and some of the issues in the Premier League.

In part one, he discussed the top-four battle, Harry Kane and picked out a surprising player for the best he worked with at Spurs.

The Brazilian told us who he regards as the best Premier League goalkeeper and why Dean Henderson should leave Manchester United in part two, but here he chats about how much he loved working with Ben Foster at Watford.

Foster is Mr Nice Guy

Ben Foster is simply one of the nicest guys in football. He’s so happy, all the time. He’s probably the happiest person in the world. I’ve never seen anyone else quite like him; every day he was in a good mood. He’s doing an amazing job outside of football, too, with his YouTube channel and his podcast. I don’t think he’s going to struggle for work when he retires from football, that’s for sure.

We get along so well; when Watford told me they were going to sign another goalkeeper, I asked them to make sure it was someone good – and I don’t think we could have got anyone better than Ben. He’s someone who made a difference at the club, not only on the pitch, but off it, also.

He’s some guy, honestly – he’s amazing. I only have positive things to say about him. We spent two years together and after my last game he told me they were the best two years he’d had in football. I’m happy I seemed to have a positive impact on him, too. We respect each other so much, and we would always encourage each other after games. You could see after the game, if I’d had a good game, he was so happy for me. “Well done! You’re a legend!”

I’ve never seen anyone quite like Ben. I’ve had the pleasure of playing with him and against him and he’s exactly the same, regardless of which side you’re on.

Ben Foster, England

I can remember one game we played against West Brom, where I’d saved two penalties for Watford. We were both in the bottom half of the table, not far from the relegation zone, and we’d managed to win the game 1-0, so it was a huge result for us and not so great for West Brom. Anyway, the final whistle goes and we leave the pitch, and the next thing you know, Ben embraces me. He lifts me up in his arms, calling me a legend. He was so happy for me because of what I’d done for my team.

That’s just how he is; every game that he played in where the opposite goalkeeper played well, he’d let them know. He’s just such a nice guy. What you see in his videos is exactly what he’s like in real life.

I could talk about him for hours and only have good things to say. How can someone enjoy life so much? He’s a great inspiration to anyone, you know, truly. I can honestly tell you, in the two years I knew him, I never saw him sad, never saw him angry, upset. He’s just so positive.

How can someone enjoy his opponent’s performance so much? It’s always confused me, but it’s a credit to his personality. I remember playing against him when he was at Man United in the League Cup Final – we’re going back 13 years and he was exactly the same then! “What a game you had, what a save that was, you legend!” We got along so well long before we played together at Watford.

How great must it be for his family, though, and his children? To have someone so positive around you. His kids are the same. He’s done a fantastic job in all aspects of his life. What a guy… what a guy!

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