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Nina Carberry expects tough rumba routine on Dancing With The Stars

| 15.01.2022

Ladbrokes ambassador Nina Carberry is surprised to be top of the Dancing With The Stars Leaderboard and says this weekend will see some very strong contenders

Topping the leaderboard took me by surprise last weekend. I wasn’t expecting it at all to be honest. I was just delighted to get to the end of the dance without making a big mistake or tripping because I kept getting it wrong all week and my pro-partner was very frustrated with me. Pasquale is a brilliant teacher though and he gave me loads of confidence.

I think a good few people were surprised at how well I did. It’s a hard competition because there are so many good contestants in it. This weekend we will get a bigger picture of the competition and I know there are some really strong people dancing over the weekend so it is going to be very interesting.

I am glad to have been on the first week, because I have two weeks to practise my rumba. It is a very hard dance as well. It is completely different to the quickstep so it’s not getting easier in terms of learning it. This is a Latin dance and the last one was ballroom, so I have to learn all the techniques. It’s quite difficult. Luckily my little girls are mad for dancing and every chance they get they want to dance with me, they love it.

Fitness never better

You have to be very fit to dance because you are using everything. I would say I am fitter now then when I was a jockey. I am using everything, there is no let-up and you have to have the core strength as well.

The hardest aspect of this is learning from scratch and knowing nothing about dancing. I have a couple of weeks to learn this professionally. It takes a while to click. When you think you can do something and it takes forever to learn, that can be really frustrating. The simplest things came hard. When things go right, it is very satisfactory.

If the judges criticise me, I will be fine. I think I am used to criticism all my life. If you can’t take it then you won’t get better. I was ready for that in my head. I have a lot of respect for the judges and I will take everything they say on board. I think this judging panel is great.

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