If you’re new to betting, it would be smart to learn a thing or two before you pick who you are going to stake your money on.

Fortunately, there are a few easy steps you can take to improve your chances of winning money by on the football.

Never bet what you can’t afford to lose

Here at Ladbrokes, the need to bet responsibly is something we take very seriously. So, if you want to keep having fun on your football accumulator or your handicap – don’t overstretch yourself.

Work out what you can afford to lose bet before you start and avoid betting big to counter a losing streak.

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Long shots offer long odds for a reason

We all wish we’d bet on Greece to win Euro 2004 at 250/1. However, such long shots don’t often come in, which is exactly why the odds are long in the first place!

Even at 50/1, if a bookie is willing to offer you £50 for every quid you bet, that team almost certainly won’t hit the jackpot in your lifetime.

Do your homework

Just because your mate is convinced that the only way to win big is by putting his money down on a random 12-team accumulator, it doesn’t mean you should too. Unless you follow the form of the teams you’re thinking of betting on, don’t do it!

After all, the more teams you bet on, the less likely you are to win.

When it comes to placing bets as a beginner, the old Chinese proverb ‘every journey starts with a single step’ is one to remember.

An effective (not to mention easy and cheap) way of learning about the best ways to bet, is to read up on the subject. Keep an eye on form, understand the value of your bets before you make them and you’ll be on to a winner!

Remember to have fun!

Let’s face it – gambling can be really fun. Yet the more seriously you take it, the less likely you are to enjoy the thrill of it all.

If you’re truly committed to bringing in returns on your football betting, you can in the long run. However, we recommend you master the basics first, and move onto more advanced tactics later on. Take our advices and check out world cup football tips.

By following our simple tips, you’ll be well on your way.