Football: the beautiful game. No matter whether you’re a veteran keeper, a young striker, or simply a sofa fan, everyone’s knowledge of the sport could do with being touched up from time to time.

We’ve got all the info when it comes to the biggest domestic competitions, as well as the international stage, and we’ll cut through all the jargon associated with the sport.

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England’s Most Glorious Football Moments

Over the years, England has been one of the most dominant countries in shaping and developing the football world, producing some world-class players, and hosting one of the most prestigious domestic leagues around.

The Main Rules of Football: For Beginners

Over the hundreds of years that football has been played, the rules have been shaped and developed by the various players and associations.

Football Betting Tips: For Beginners

If you’re new to betting, it would be smart to learn a thing or two before you pick who you are going to stake your money on.

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How are the odds calculated in football betting?

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All good punters need to have a solid grasp of odds when betting on football, or any other sport for that matter. And the more you know about odds, the...
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What is The FA Cup draw?

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Draw: The act of selecting names randomly to decide opponents in a sporting contest. The FA Cup draw is the fair and open method used to organise the various fixtures...
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The Premier League winners list

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At the point where the whistle blows for the season’s curtain raiser, all teams in the league are equal. Each club wants nothing more than to have their named etched...
Ladbrokes odds betting football

What are the different types of ‘specials’ in football betting?

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You know the score – literally: betting in football largely revolves around predicting which team will outscore the other. When it comes to the specials market however, you’re able to...