Always fancied getting clued-up on horse racing but never managed to? Well, all that’s about to change. Cutting through the jargon, we’ll start from the top and explain everything you need to know about racing, so you can head to any event equipped with an arsenal of knowledge.

Betting Slips

Horse racing betting tips for beginners

Betting on the horses is a great way to make a day out even more exciting. The jubilation when your horse romps home, the disappointment when it comes in last, all combined with the chance to win some cold hard cash.

Crowd at horse racing event

Horse racing jargon buster

Horse racing is a fascinating sport populated with a whole lot of jargon that can make it seem mysterious and intimidating to the first-time spectator or bettor.

Horse Racing

A condensed history of UK horse racing

Horse racing is possibly one of the oldest sports in the UK, with recorded races dating back to around the 12th century. English knights returned from the crusades, bringing with them noble Arab horses to breed with domesticated English horses.

Top articles from an introduction to horse racing

latest articles from an introduction to horse racing

The going: Explained

The going is one of the most crucial factors that can affect how well a particular horse will run, yet a large majority of horse racing spectators do not truly understand it.

How to place a bet on horse races

Betting on the horses can be a fun and exciting past-time, provided you only bet what you can afford to lose.

Cheltenham Arkle Challenge Trophy jockeys

The Cheltenham Festival Day 1, Champion Day: Arkle Challenge Trophy

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The Racing Post Arkle Challenge Trophy The Racing Post Arkle Challenge Trophy is the second race of the Cheltenham Festival Day 1. A National Hunt steeplechase run on the Old...
Cheltenham Supreme Novices Hurdle runners

The Cheltenham Festival Day 1, Champion Day: Supreme Novices’ Hurdle

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Supreme Novices’ Hurdle The Supreme Novices’ Hurdle is the event that gets the Cheltenham Festival underway each year, prompting the first famous ‘Cheltenham roar’ of the festival. Run over the Old Course of just...
Cheltenham Festival Racecourse dress code

What is the dress code for the Cheltenham Festival?

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Horse racing meetings are often as much about style and fashion as they are about the actual events, with many taking the opportunity to socialise and to bring out their...

What are the different types of betting in horse racing?

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There are many different types of bet that you can place on a horse. The benefit of this is that you have plenty of options, but of course this could...