While some people still love going into their local Ladbrokes betting shop, our website now makes it easier and quicker than ever to place a bet.

So if you want to place a bet on a football match, this step-by-step guide shows you how…

Step 1: Visit the Ladbrokes website

Go to the Ladbrokes website to start.

Best Footaball Odds

Step 2: Register an account

This step can put some people off, but our website is designed to make joining as painless as possible. Simply click “JOIN NOW” on the red bar in the top right-hand corner. This will open a registration screen. You can then enter your personal details, create a password and choose your betting currency. You must be 18 or over to register, and the whole process should take you no more than three minutes.

To join even quicker, you can link to your PayPal account via the yellow button in the top left-hand corner of the registration screen.

Step 3: Choose a payment method

The easiest way to deposit money in your Ladbrokes account is to use your credit/debit card. Yet we also offer a number of payment methods for your convenience. The minimum deposit and withdrawal times vary from one payment method to another.

You can then choose your preferred method and deposit the amount of your choice. Our website is very secure. With this in mind, you can be sure that your personal details and money are in safe hands.

Choosing your deposit amount

If you’re new to football betting, please be aware that you don’t have to deposit a large amount: it is crucial never to bet what you can’t afford to lose.

Ladbrokes website odds betting

Step 4: Find your bets

Now you’ve got the boring bit done and dusted, it’s time to have some fun placing your bets. If it’s your first bet, we’d suggest putting some thought into your selection. It may be wise to place on bets on teams and/or players whose form you know and understand.

Making your bets on the Ladbrokes site is easy. Just click on the bet you want and our system adds it to your betting slip. If you wish to deselect your choice, just click on it again. When you choose a bet, the rectangle containing the odds for that particular bet will turn green. Visit our World Cup page to check world cup football odds and test your knowledge.

As you can see, the Ladbrokes website makes placing your football bets very easy. If you have any issues, our dedicated support team is on hand via phone and email to help whenever you need us.