Replacing the old Division 1 in 1992, the FA Premier League has since been the place for the top teams in the country to ply their trade.

Looking back through the history of all the current competitors, we’ll run the rule over these 20 clubs, and show you how qualification for the prestigious European club competitions works.

10 Most Memorable Premier League Moments

With so much incredible sporting talent amongst its ranks, it’s no wonder that the Premier League has inspired some moments of absolute greatness.

The Main Rules of Football: For Beginners

Over the hundreds of years that football has been played, the rules have been shaped and developed by the various players and associations.

Who are the Big Four?

The term ‘Big Four’ relates to the four teams that dominated the top four places in the Premier League table during the 2000s.

Top articles from The Premier League

latest articles from The Premier League

What are the Different Leagues in English Football

The English football league system is a series of interconnected football leagues, each with their own divisions (commonly also referred to as ‘leagues’ in their own right).

The Best Stadiums in the UK

The British football grounds featured in this article are some of the most iconic world football. While some stadiums have seen more success for their residents than others, each one of them boasts its own rich heritage and unique atmosphere.

What are the Main Football Events for English Teams?

The football competitions in which English teams play are considered to be among the best in the world. There are nine main events in the English football calendar.

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The Premier League winners list

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