Whether it’s down to a history of home-grown talent, or simply because of Fergie time, Manchester United’s stint in England’s top tier has been pretty cushy to date. It’s just the 13 Premier League titles to their name so far…

Despite a few wobbles in recent years, the red half of Manchester have been the team to beat for over two decades now, despite their noisy neighbours doing their best to rain on their parade in the battle for Mancunian supremacy.

Ladbrokes odds for 2015/16 (as of March 2016)

Will Manchester United secure a Champions League spot this season? West Ham United are 14/1 to steal fourth place from under the Red Devils’ noses.

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History in the Premier League

In the history of the Premier League, Manchester United have taken home the trophy 11 times more than their nearest rivals, Chelsea.

Setting down a marker on the league ever since its inaugural season in 1992, Manchester United had their name etched upon the cup before any other team could get near it.

Their dominance continued well into the nineties and beyond thanks to Fergie’s fledglings, despite Newcastle United and Kevin Keegan’s best efforts to prove they could beat them.

With the standard of teams and players in the division ever rising, Manchester United have found themselves bogged down in battles for Champions League spots in recent years, but that hasn’t stopped the fans from expecting nothing but the best from the latest roster of Red Devils.

The manager: The Iron Tulip era

Nicknamed so because of his steely and unwavering personality, Louis van Gaal’s tenure as Man United boss hasn’t exactly been an easy stroll through a meadow, more a jungle.

Historically a fast, counter-attacking team, Louis’ defensive approach to football at Old Trafford hasn’t really got the fans heated up, rather staying lukewarm.

United have struggled to manufacture the same talented youngsters as they did under the legendary Sir Alex, but with a frequently injury-hit squad, academy graduates like Marcus Rashford have been given a shot at the limelight under the Dutch master.

While the Reds are still a team who are constantly at the right end of the table, several Premier League title-free seasons are beginning to look like the start of a drought.

Key players

The Reds are no strangers to players of world-renowned ability, and huge amounts of funds in the bank means that the conveyor belt of talent just keeps on rolling.

From the days of Beckham and Giggs to the Rooney and Ronaldo era, Manchester United’s team has always been a perfect blend of academy graduates and the cream of the international footballing crop.

Anthony Martial

It’s not often that £36 million pounds looks like a bargain, but in the form of this French winger, the high-profile price tag has already begun to look like a steal.

With comparisons to legendary French striker, Thierry Henry, already rife amongst both home and opposition fans, Martial has already won the hearts of Old Trafford during his early days at the club.

David De Gea

With the reaching ability of Stretch Armstrong, the Spanish ‘keeper is capable of saving almost any shot that comes his way.

After worrying the Stretford End by coming dangerously close to a high-profile move to Real Madrid, David De Gea remains between the sticks for the Red Devils, frustrating opposition strikers on a weekly basis.

Historically the team to beat, Manchester United have entered something of a slump by their high standards in recent years.

But with the financial backing and talented youngsters breaking into the first time, it could soon be time to sing Glory Glory Man United once again.