Whether a stunning Wayne Rooney goal from the halfway-line, or a clumsy tap in, a goal is still a goal!

Every one scored can mean the difference between winning and losing. From making millions ecstatic, to having them breaking down in tears, goals are what bring excitement to the beautiful game.

With this in mind, it is no surprise that there are many different goal-related bets for you to make. We’ll take you through the main ones to explain how they all work.


Bookmakers offer odds on the following goal-scorer-related bets:

  • The player to open the scoring (available for every player in every match)
  • A player to score at any point during the game
  • The player who will score the last goal of the game
  • A player to score two or more goals
  • A player to score three or more goals
  • Wincast – involves picking the first goal-scorer and his team to win the match
  • Scorecast – involves predicting both the final score and the first goal-scorer

If you’re chasing big profits and unorthodox odds, Wincast and Scorecast bets are perfect.

Although nothing is guaranteed, if you want more chance of winning and with great odds to boot, first goal-scorer is a relatively safe bet. This is especially true if you bet on an on-form player to open the scoring.

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Goal line betting (also known as ‘over’/‘under’)

Goal line bets are settled on whether there are more or fewer total goals scored in a match than a number set by the bookmaker.

Example: North London derbies (between Spurs and Arsenal) are famous for producing high score lines. In recent years, we’ve seen 5-2 matches, as well as a 5-4 and 5-1 match. With this in mind, some people like put a few quid on there being more than 4.5 goals during this derby.

Many bookies also offer split-line betting (e.g. 2 and 2.5) for those who want more chance of a return. A split-line bet is essentially two separate wagers, since your stake is divided equally between the two lines.

Top scorer

Strikers always enjoy a lot of attention among their teams and opponents alike. The media spotlight is always on them and their shirts normally sell the most in the club shop.

It’s no surprise then that some punters like to bet on who the highest scorer will be over the course of the season.

To score/Not to score

As its name suggests, this is simply a bet that you believe a certain team will score at any point during the match. Extra time in cup competitions doesn’t count.

Variations on this include half-time correct score, and a split half time/full time correct score. The latter is the most difficult to call and therefore commands the highest odds.

Team to score first or last

You may place a bet on whichever team you think will score the game’s first and last goal.

Whether you fancy placing a simple bet on your favourite player scoring during the course of the match, or you want to put money on something a bit more daring in the shape of a Scorecast, there is a wager to suit every type of punter.

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