11:31 Doncaster
E/W 1/4 Places 1-2
SORT BY: Price
Lady MysticalT: S WatsonForm: 4415
MosseyT: S WatsonForm: 41441
Wildcats KittyT: J SimpsonForm: 66651
10/3 > 9/2
Bawn DreamT: D CrossForm: 22
Brennans DebbieT: D CalvertForm: 22543
11/2 > 5/1
Jumeirah CrossT: D CalvertForm: 66332
9/2 > 5/1
11:36 Sunderland
E/W 1/4 Places 1-2
SORT BY: Price
Moss Row MonsterT: P MillerForm: 43233
Unknown HulkT: K BlackbirdForm: 34352
Murdaniel BlakeT: Y BellForm: 35456
Racecourse RooT: C McNicholasForm: 62524
Gaytime HobbsyT: R ThompsonForm: 3532
15/2 > 7/1
Dublinhill KlassT: M FieldsonForm: 55451
11:39 Harlow
E/W 1/4 Places 1-2
SORT BY: Price
Ferndale SoT: M RiceForm: 24361
13/8 > 6/4
Forest SwiftT: D JinksForm: 13442
Salems SabrinaT: S ClarkForm: 24114
Boherash LisaT: P WardForm: 4344
Spring Of FireT: S ClarkForm: 16325
Headford OllyT: M RiceForm: 55152
13/2 > 7/1
11:43 Pelaw Grange
E/W 1/4 Places 1-2
SORT BY: Price
Glengiblin LeaseT: R McCarthyForm: 33224
Cornforth RemusT: D CurryForm: 52342
Havana EmperorT: K KennedyForm: 61235
Emers PepperT: K KennedyForm: 3653
Kynren JoyT: K KennedyForm: 16166
Wor NancyT: M GrayForm: 22332
11:46 Doncaster
E/W 1/4 Places 1-2
SORT BY: Price
Luttons VictoriaT: J WindrassForm: 24121
Blistering StarT: D CrossForm: 35512
Caseys KelseyT: S AtkinsonForm: 43534
4/1 > 10/3
Santro LilyT: S WatsonForm: 3516
Tickity KaraT: S AtkinsonForm: 55265
Glenadda PearlT: S R ParkerForm: 336
11:51 Sunderland
E/W 1/4 Places 1-2
SORT BY: Price
Rosbirr KidT: G StrikeForm: 34432
7/4 > 15/8
Carried AwayT: C McNicholasForm: 21665
Flyers ShibaT: G StrikeForm: 35251
Ciarans GirlT: G StrikeForm: 35165
Glenside PennyT: K BlackbirdForm: 41664
Glengar SonicT: P MillerForm: 6556
11:54 Harlow
E/W 1/4 Places 1-2
SORT BY: Price
Bockos BossT: R D CoppingForm: 22533
Pookies CaesarT: D JinksForm: 12422
Headford EbonyT: S SabertonForm: 16311
Olive BlossomT: M RiceForm: 51135
Headford SpiritT: S SabertonForm: 41453
6/1 > 13/2
Finger WaggerT: P ClarkeForm: 21554
11:58 Pelaw Grange
E/W 1/4 Places 1-2
SORT BY: Price
Glengiblin SweepT: R McCarthyForm: 13613
Daithis SidT: M SillarsForm: 61231
Cashcube LunaT: H BurtonForm: 322
Ellie RubyT: L EagletonForm: 11551
Ashbank BossT: H BurtonForm: 54352
6/1 > 13/2
Glengiblin CillaT: R McCarthyForm: 6253
12:01 Doncaster
E/W 1/4 Places 1-2
SORT BY: Price
Walkaway DemieT: M HaythorneForm: 35634
3/1 > 11/4
Leathems MarioT: J SimpsonForm: 1155
Slippy CarolT: S WatsonForm: 4626
Eden PennyT: M HaythorneForm: 21233
Blackrose BorisT: S AtkinsonForm: 14423
4/1 > 9/2
Luttons MeenaT: J WindrassForm: 46466
12:06 Sunderland
E/W 1/4 Places 1-2
SORT BY: Price
Blue MooseT: K DobsonForm: 43553
Granite Nd GrassT: R ThompsonForm: 436
One For ThomasT: M FieldsonForm: 26543
Choctaw HillT: P MillerForm: 54234
Couzins TweetieT: C McNicholasForm: 21155
Byrneville JamieT: P MillerForm: 65114
12:09 Harlow
E/W 1/4 Places 1-2
SORT BY: Price
YougotthisT: S ClarkForm: 25622
Free DerryT: B NichollsForm: 15241
Millmount JetT: P ClarkeForm: 13435
Shades Of BlueT: D HurlockForm: 32412
Little CocoT: P WardForm: 42251
Classic EmmaT: P DealForm: 31524
12:13 Pelaw Grange
E/W 1/4 Places 1-2
SORT BY: Price
Hazel FlashT: R RotherhamForm: 23116
Shez A LadyT: R KnightsForm: 31111
Janes IllusionT: M J WatsonForm: 1114
Shanbally EilsT: A GreenwellForm: 23216
Footfield StellaT: M GrayForm: 14223
7/2 > 4/1
Knockalton HopeT: D LittleForm: 12666
7/1 > 13/2


Greyhound Racing Betting

Greyhound racing betting

Looking to place a bet on Greyhound racing? You’ve come to the right place because we’ve got the latest greyhound odds from race tracks across the UK and Ireland.

You’ll also be able to live stream races from many of the tracks around the country, giving you the chance to see your selection in full flight.

Our traders’ expertise allows us to offer very competitive greyhound odds, so whether you’re going for an outright selection or fancy an each-way bet, you can be sure we’ll have the markets for you.

When it comes to greyhound betting, not all races are the same, so if you’re not familiar with this sport we’re here to provide a helping hand.

Races in the UK almost always involve six dogs and the most prestigious event in the world is the English Greyhound Derby which was first run at White City in 1927, although it returned to Towcester in 2021 when the course reopened, replacing Nottingham as the host venue.

The most common race distance in the UK is 480m. However, there are several different types of races, usually split into four main categories:

Sprint races: Typically only last 300m and cover two bends of the track. Acceleration is crucial here, as the dogs look to hit top speed out of the traps.

Stayers races: Fall between 600m and 700m, taking place over six bends of the track.

Marathon races: Start at 800m but can go all the way up to 1,100m, spanning eight bends of the track.

Hurdle races: Usually take place between 450-550m, though dogs also have to clear hurdles, as the name suggests. Hurdle meetings can feature handicap races, where the favourites start behind slower runners to reduce their advantage.

Best way to bet on dog races

When making your selection, it’s worth considering a number of factors. The weather could play a key role - if it rains, the track can favour dogs that prefer stayers’ races. If it’s hot, the track firms up, giving the edge to speedsters. The race distance, age, form and grading are other things to bear in mind with greyhound betting.

Greyhound odds

Most meetings in the UK have at least 10 races which take place at 15-minute intervals bearing in mind they only last for about 30 seconds.

With greyhound betting, there are two options if you wish to back one of the six runners: win or each-way. The win part is self-explanatory - one bet in which you back the dog to finish ahead of the rest. If you place £1 on the winner at 5/1 then you receive £6 in return - £5 for the win part, plus your stake.

Each-way bets are split into two parts in which you are backing the greyhound both to win and finish in a place, usually second at reduced odds with greyhound betting. At Ladbrokes you will receive a quarter of the odds on the place part if your selection finishes second, so for example, if you place £5 each way on a 4/1 winner, you will receive £35 in return.

How do we calculate the odds in greyhound betting? Simply multiply the outlay by the odds and add your stake. In this example £5x4=£20 and adding your stake brings a return of £25. With the each-way element, the odds are a quarter of 4/1 which is 1/1 or evens, so the maths is pretty simple: £5x1=£5, plus your £5 stake from the each-way part. Adding £25 + £10 ensured a return of £35.

Dog racing betting

Do we cover international races too? Yes, our greyhound coverage spans the globe, as well as the action from the UK and Ireland.

We’ve got comprehensive odds and markets on Australian greyhound racing, including Cannington, Cranbourne, Richmond and more.

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