10:46 Harlow

E/W 1/4 Places 1-2
Anmima BiddyT: D BrockForm: 13434
Tyrap CostaT: E GowlerForm: 35222
Jet Set SuzieT: L E MorrisonForm: 13532
Pennylane TigerT: C M DibbForm: 26646
Marinas BingoT: S SabertonForm: 62541
Bulmers LegendT: N WillsForm: 43145

10:53 Crayford

E/W 1/4 Places 1-2
Nissels MissileT: D LeeForm: 32452
Scrambled EggT: N CarterForm: 1212
Conors ModelT: D WhittonForm: 56542
Robeen WinnieT: T M LeversForm: 16365
Icaals TillyT: J ReynoldsForm: 3256
Merry MilanT: N J DeasForm: 62124

11:01 Harlow

E/W 1/4 Places 1-2
OakgrovebillijayT: J PearsonForm: 32333
Swift FascinateT: D JinksForm: 53416
Footfield DeltaT: L E MorrisonForm: 3135
Conlig JackT: P VincentForm: 6556
Geelo RockT: E GowlerForm: 41154
Da Black LadT: L E MorrisonForm: 55452

11:06 Nottingham

E/W 1/4 Places 1-2
Little ChampT: P TimminsForm: 154
Stormy LisaT: P WilsonForm: 62211
Tory BrisbaneT: P WhiteForm: 36651
Swift NikitaT: L CookForm: 62311
Geelo CactusT: S SpillaneForm: 12221
Catunda BullseyeT: C WiltonForm: 12264

11:09 Crayford

E/W 1/4 Places 1-2
Alfar LolaT: T M LeversForm: 36362
MythmakerT: J TurnerForm: 31613
AlwaysjacknteddyT: K A DalyForm: 54245
Moaning MonroeT: D WhittonForm: 5354
Active JudyT: J TurnerForm: 14424
Kindii HunterT: N CarterForm: 23546

11:13 Swindon

E/W 1/4 Places 1-2
Millridge CorrieT: G HepdenForm: 25321
Drumnafern LadT: J LittleForm: 51661
Ballymac DenzelT: A KibbleForm: 242
Ballinakill JackT: P T MaynardForm: 3342
StateoftheunionT: J A DanaharForm: 1156
Blue CloverT: G HepdenForm: 54643

11:16 Harlow

E/W 1/4 Places 1-2
Woman In WhiteT: D BrockForm: 15321
Jaxx Fire StormT: C M DibbForm: 43625
Meala DukeT: P ClarkeForm: 46221
Avongate BelterT: J PearsonForm: 2321
Going TwiceT: C M DibbForm: 61342
Siberian GaleT: J PearsonForm: 21361

11:21 Nottingham

E/W 1/4 Places 1-2
Swift JingleT: E SavilleForm: 31343
Ballyboss TomT: A HopkinsForm: 36312
Lizey LouT: S SpillaneForm: 65243
Woohoo RoxyT: J LlewellinForm: 34453
Jet BlackT: J LlewellinForm: 24341
Harwell PumaT: A TimbrellForm: 54116

11:24 Crayford

E/W 1/4 Places 1-2
Pesky OllieT: T M LeversForm: 55322
Baltovin ChrisT: K A DalyForm: 56121
Deecees MercuryT: D ChildsForm: 5322
CherissethedivaT: N J DeasForm: 3226
Marshalls MollyT: T M LeversForm: 12234
Dece GemT: D ChildsForm: 25535

11:28 Swindon

E/W 1/4 Places 1-2
Tirley WillyT: J A DanaharForm: 32453
Mohican JustineT: S McDonaldForm: 13353
Baby JuniorT: S McDonaldForm: 11652
Corporate ModelT: D PorterForm: 36321
Dairyhill CroftT: S PilgrimForm: 3525
Tirley BonnygirlT: J A DanaharForm: 52435

11:31 Harlow

E/W 1/4 Places 1-2
Doreens GirlT: K CrewForm: 35524
One MomentT: D JinksForm: 44631
Fantasy ClareT: R YorkForm: 12246
ObsidionT: D BrockForm: 66316
Swift IcyT: D JinksForm: 11326
Kippers ModelT: L E MorrisonForm: 32363

11:36 Nottingham

E/W 1/4 Places 1-2
Ballybough GaryT: E SavilleForm: 14536
Flomur AngieT: A TimbrellForm: 42154
Dame GladysT: A HopkinsForm: 35353
Harton HurricaneT: J GrayForm: 23515
NishiokaT: A StoneForm: 66641
Seany Five OT: J GrayForm: 35136



Greyhound betting odds at Ladbrokes

Looking to place a bet on Greyhound Racing? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve got the latest odds from racetracks across the UK and Ireland, including Towcester, Romford, Central Park and many, many more.

You’ll also be able to live stream races from many of the tracks around the country, giving you the chance to see your selection in full flight.

Our trader’s expertise allows us to offer very competitive Greyhound odds, so whether you’re going for an outright selection or fancy an each-way bet, you can be sure we’ll have the markets for you.

Which types of race do we cover?

Not all races are the same when it comes to Greyhounds. But if you’re not familiar with Greyhound Racing, it can be hard to know where to begin. Let us give you a hand.

The most common race distance in the UK is 480m. However, there are several different types of races, usually split into four main categories:

Sprint Races typically only last 300m and cover two bends of the track. Acceletation is crucial here, as dogs looks to hit top speed quickly out of the traps.

Stayers Races fall between 600m and 700m, taking place over six bends of the track.

Marathon Races go all the way up to 800-1,100m, spanning eight bends of the track.

Hurdle Races usually go for 450-550m, though dogs also have to clear hurdles, as the name suggests. Hurdle meetings can feature handicap races, where the favourites start behind slower runners to reduce their advantage.

When making your selection, it’s worth considering a number of factors. The weather could play a key role - if it rains, the track can favour dogs that prefer stayers races. If it’s hot outside, the track firms up, giving the edge to speedsters. The race distance, runner’s age, form and grading are other things to bear in mind.

Do we cover international races too?

Yes, our Greyhound coverage spans the globe, as well as the action from the UK and Ireland.

We’ve got comprehensive odds and markets on Australian Greyhound Racing, including Cannington, Cranbourne, Richmond and more.

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