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Darts Betting at Ladbrokes

The sport of darts has a long history in the United Kingdom. It is one that dates back to 1860s and was first played at pub gatherings by English soldiers, politicians, and laborers alike for entertainment value before drinks were even served! Nowadays you can find professional tournaments with prize money growing thanks not only because it's so popular but also due to huge TV audiences who love watching them compete on their TVs or computer screens. Triple 20 points scored from single throws are what define this difficult nine-dart finish which we call perfection--perfection being key when trying out whether someone will make 9 consecutive bullseyes (or Get There Quick Enough) without missing any shots whatsoever.

The Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) was established in 1992 to promote and develop the sport of darts through organized tournaments. The PDC runs ranked events including World Championships, UK Opens, world Matchplay Finals; non-ranking ones like Masters & Premier League Dart matches as well as Youth Cups for younger players. For any person looking for a great place to put money on their favorite player or just want some fun watching them play - Ladbrokes is the place to be!

The Dutchman Michael van German is the current top darts player with 34 PDC titles to his name and will undoubtedly be seen as one of, if not THE favourite in any tournament that he enters. However, there are challengers too - Rob Cross Peter Wright among them! And plenty newcomers looking at reaching #1 on this amazing board game: all have their sights set high for London's Alexandra Palace next year when they will descend upon attempt defend last year's title which was won by Snakebite himself (aka Mr Wigmore).

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