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Sadly for Mancini, splashing cash doesn’t gurantee success

| 15.07.2010

As with last season, Man City look set to smash through the £100million barrier during the summer transfer window, having already spent big money on David Silva, Yaya Toure and Jerome Boateng.

Speaking in today’s press, the club’s manager, Roberto Mancini, said this:

“Of course we have spent a lot of money this summer.”

“Everyone can see that is the case, but all the teams who have won the Premier League, or La Liga or Serie A in recent years have spent a lot of money.”

In many ways, he has a good point. But, unfortunately, it takes a bit more than a heartily emptied wallet to guarantee league success.

In 2003, with the arrival of Abramovich and his millions, Chelsea were already a relatively successful top ten Premier League side – having made it to 4th the season before, and having last failed to make the top ten in 1995/96.

The Russian’s money simply boosted the side from strong “top four” material to “potential champions”.

In contrast, Man City have a slightly less sturdy foundation, and perhaps a bigger mountain to climb.

Sheikh Monsour’s millions saw an initial boost from a 10th place finish in 2008/09, to 5th last year.  But “potential champions” could still be a few years away.

They have already done very well to morph from mid-table scrappers to contenders for a Champions League spot.

One statistic sure to alarm the Man City millionaires and their optimistic cohorts is that no team has ever finished below 3rd place in one season, then gone on to win the Premier League title the next.

City are the third favorites for the title, with odds of 5/1. Tempting, but too soon.

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Ed Needham