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Tiziano Crudeli – a different type of football commentator

| 28.07.2011

One thing that definitely cannot be argued in relation to the football reporting of Tiziano Crudeli is that it is full of passion, fervour and even obsession and this is what has made him one of the most talked about commentators in world football.

Crudeli’s love of AC Milan cannot be faulted and his enthusiasm when the club scores is so intense that it is almost laughable.

Equally, watching a grown man almost reduced to tears and banging furniture simply because his team concedes a goal is also must-see TV.

For a commentator often never short of words, it is almost fitting that his lack of words when Milan concede are able to tell the story of what has just happened.

Many football fans can relate to Crudeli, living and breathing football to the level that he does.

Football is a sport that brings on a range of emotions and although it is against the norm to see this from a commentator, it works in Crudeli’s instance.

Impartiality is typically one of the key skills of a football commentator, often bottling up their personal feelings to provide an unbiased view of a match in question and giving as much detail as possible.

Crudeli may break all of these ‘rules’ of commentary, but the fact that he draws viewers and has an appeal makes him stand-out from the crowd.

His commentary is largely short of detail, until a situation unravels that riles him up, whether it be a bad challenge on a Milan player or a disallowed goal.

But there is something loveable about someone continuously shouting goal when his team scores.

And the fact that in reality he is just a recognisable fan supporting his club means that he may be different from a regular commentator, but will not prevent him gaining a big cult following.



Craig Kemp

Craig has written for Ladbrokes since the 2010 World Cup, having previously gained a Media & Sports Journalism degree and contributed to publications including the Racing Post. His main areas of interest are horse racing and UFC, but he is also an avid X Factor gambler and likes nothing more than indulging in a spot of Hip Hop Karaoke.