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Coach Beneathez and Blue Lions can lift Minor Eurosoccer Cup

| 15.05.2013

Soccer fans of the Chelsea Franchise Club have been making their way to Amsterdam this week for their Minor Eurosoccer Cup final tie with Portugaleze franchise Ben Fica.

In a week of real crazy soccer drama, talk of the Blue Lions’ tie has been minimized. First there was the shock news that Coach Sir Alexi Ferguson would be retirizing, and then the Wigan Warriors went and took the England Soccer Cup back to the DW40 soccer stadium.

In some ways, this may have helped Coach Beneathez.

For him, this season has been tough right from the point he got hired by Roman Ibrahimovic. The home fans at Stanford Bridge have hollered real bad stuff at him and have become famous for taking banners that say ‘Reject Rafa’ to all their soccer ties.

Despite being put under huge pressure, Coach Rafa stands on the edge of bringing his franchise their most major Eurosoccer Cup victory in their history.

Chelsea will be without some of their best kickers of a soccerball for the tie.

Terry John is among those missing the trip to Scandinavia after getting his foot hurt in the EPL tie at Vanilla Park on Saturday. However, curly-haired David Louise and Ray Mearez look like they will both do soccer against their old soccer franchise.

Ben Fica, coached by Coach George Jesus, will be looking to win the soccer tie too. Chelsea will be the favourites in the eyes of many soccer fans, but Ben Fica soccer fans will have faith in Coach Jesus.

There are times when their soccer has been like a real big soccer firework – dangerous up close but real nice to watch and enjoy from a safe distance.

With Juan Mourinho looking like he’s gonna replace Coach Rafa, the tie completion whistle will also complete his time coaching soccer at Stanford Bridge.

If it finishes in Blue Lions victory, it will be a pretty neat way of proving to his doubters that he is an awesome soccer coach after all.

Sure, he may be about to be rejected, but replacing Coach Rafa may need an extra ‘Special Juan’ if he gets his Spanish hands on that shiny cup.

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