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Wigan Athletic Warriors could upset odds if they channelize determinization

| 10.05.2013

The Wembley Arena will have the eyes of all soccer fans looking right at it on Saturday as it plays host for the England Soccer Cup Final Soccer tie.

The tie will be contestified by two EPL franchises from the different ends of the EPL league board.

One down from first place, in second place, you have the Man City SkyBlues franchise club.  Fresh from losing their EPL world champions title a few weeks back to cross town rivals Man Unity, they still do nice soccer.

Standing in their way will be the Wigan Athletic Warriors Franchise Club.  For Coach Ricky Martinez’s guys, it will be an awesome day where they can forget about all their EPL worries.  With two outta three franchises already relegationized, his franchise are trying to avoid getting taken by the EPL Disaster Sector.

With one of these franchises finishing the EPL season way higher on the board than the other, many soccer fans will think that Coach Mankini’s guys will lift the big shiny cup at the end of the tie – and who can blame them?

They got some nice soccerplayers!  The Spanish Center Park player David Silver always sparkles when he kicks the soccer ball, and with that pesky little Mexican Agwearo trying to score some goalshots, the Warriors will have to have awesome deefense.

However, soccer is a real crazy sport.  Just because the Skyblue’s opponents could get relegationized, it doesn’t mean they are gonna just say ‘hey, why don’t you City guys go and beat us?’

Following the major offense card he should have received for his hostility lunge against the New castle Union, Steve McManaman has played some real neat soccer for Coach Ricky Martinez’s men.  Irelandish soccer player Shane Maloney has also caught the eye of soccerfans across planet Earth.

It’s worth thinking too that while the Skyblues have been sitting around being all sad about not reclaimifying the EPL world title, the Athletic Warriors have been in an EPL Disaster Sector dogfight.

Every time they have entered a soccer court they have had to play soccer under humongous pressure.  Their focus has been rewarded with a few EPL points, giving them a chance to remain an EPL franchise.

If they channelize this determinization in the right way, they could just upset all the odds and soccer their way to England Soccer Cup victory.

Enjoy the tie.  Come on you soccer!

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