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Soccer Devils fighting to keep Dwayne Rooney after striker gets real mad

| 18.07.2013

Dwayne Rooney let the whole world know yesterday that he was ‘real mad and confused’ about his situation with Man Unity.

In doing so, he opened the door for a franchise enhancement window move away from the Soccer Devils.

After Coach Moyles said he was not gonna go sell Rooney, the current situation leaves him with an all you can eat buffet of food for thought.

Dubbed by Unity fans as the ‘English Freddy Adu’ in his younger years, Rooney has kicked in a whole load of goalshots for the franchise from the Old Trafford Center since arriving from Evertown Franchise Club in the fall of ’04.

Unity fans once loved Rooney, just like a fat kid loves hamburgers. Right now though, it looks like they’re gonna have to say goodbye to their balding hero.

Juan Mourinho at Chelsea Franchise Club is already sniffing around like he’s a dog trying to go sniff another dog’s butt. Backed by Roman Ibrahimovic, The Special Juan has already put a bid in for Rooney which has been rejectified by Coach Moyles.

If another higher bid came in from the Blue Lions, it sure would be interesting to see what would happen.

London Arsenal have also been linked with Rooney. Coach Wagner is keen to go and buy some new soccer players and after selling the Unity their own MVP RSVP last year, it may be time for the Soccer Devils to return to sender one of their own goalshot inserters!

Although Dwayne Rooney is believed to wanna stay within the English EPL League, it is unlikely the Unity would wanna do that.

For those Unity fans, seeing him kick a goalshot in against their franchise would be like watching a kid watch their dog get hit by a freight train.

A move to some foreign overseas league would seem to be way better for Coach Moyles and his franchise.  Big spending PSV and Monaco Franchise Club from the French League in France would be interested.

Barcelonia and Real Salt Lake’s Spanish franchise in Madrid would also like to have him do some soccer over in EPL Spain.

The eyes of the soccer world are fixed on Dwayne Rooney.  For all the talk of this being one of the biggest franchise enhancement window moves in the history of this year, nobody can say for sure that he won’t keep on kicking goalshots in the red of Man Unity.



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