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US Soccer Team 25/1 to win TIME Person of the Year

| 02.07.2014



Ladbrokes have today opened up their book on who will win the 2014 TIME Magazine Person of the Year.


Before anyone gets annoyed about the fact that the leader of the ISIS jihadist group is favourite, this isn’t an endorsement of his activities from Ladbrokes. The criteria for winning the prize is “a person, group, idea or object that for better or for worse…has done the most to influence the events of the year”. Based on that, he should probably have a legitimate chance of winning. Hitler and Stalin have both won the award in the past, although they have tended not to give it to “baddies” in recent years. I suppose if Osama bin Laden missed out in 2001, al-Baghdadi’s prospects might be limited. I expect he has more pressing matters to worry about at the moment.

Pope Francis won it last year, which was not very good news for Ladbrokes, as he was backed down from 25/1 to 3/1. Normally it goes to an American – 10 times out of 14 since the year 2000. In the absence of any other very obvious candidates right now, their soccer team isn’t a totally implausible selection. That’s if you ignore the fact that they don’t seem to have gone for anything sports-related in the past.

If any readers have suggestions for other candidates, post them here and we’ll add the best ones to our market.




Matthew Shaddick

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