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Who’ll win the Independence Referendum Debate Rematch?

| 23.08.2014

Monday night see’s the second live Scottish independence referendum TV debate between Alistair Darling and Alex Salmond. This time it’s live on terrestrial TV across the UK. With NO still handily ahead in most polls, this is a huge opportunity for Salmond to start turning things around with less than a month to go.

Round One went decisively to Darling for the NO camp three weeks ago. Ladbrokes had made Salmond the 2/5 favourite fancying that the First Minister’s more charismatic style would work best.

However, Darling put in an unexpectedly aggressive performance and repeatedly hammered Salmond over the issue of an independent Scotland’s currency plans.

The bar is set higher for Darling this time around and Salmond will undoubtedly have worked out a better approach for Monday’s contest, so the betting is much closer for Round Two.

Ladbrokes have also introduced their ever popular Buzzword Bingo betting for the rematch.

You can back any of the words or phrases listed and if either contender mentions them during the debate, you’re on a winner. Salmond is bound to be tempted to mention the successful Commonwealth Games, at Evens.

Perhaps Darling will poke a bit of fun at Salmond’s mention of attacks from outer space in the first debate by going with Aliens at 6/1.

Politicians always like to appeal to Hard Working Families, so that might be a good price at 2/1. If you think they’ll get onto the subject of Scottish dietary habits, perhaps Deep Fried Mars Bars might get a mention, although at 100/1 it looks unlikely.

(A note on the rules: We settle the debate winner on the first YouGov debate poll: If YouGov don’t release one within 24 hours we’ll take a majority verdict from any other major pollsters who do issue a result).

All Odds and Markets are correct as of the date of publishing.

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Matthew Shaddick

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