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How will Fifa 15 rate alongside the top 5 footy games?

| 29.09.2014

This week marks one of the most anticipated dates in the football calendar. Not the FA Cup final, a special Champions League night or transfer deadline day but the launch of Fifa 15!

Each year gamers queue up before the midnight release to revel in the updated teams, new kits and annual improvement EA Sports makes to its flagship sports simulator.

And, while many think the games get better with each passing year, here at Ladbrokes News we’re old enough to remember a world without Fifa.

The game is rightly regarded as one of the best but has others for company in our top five.

5 – World Cup Italia 90 – SEGA

Only gamers of a certain age will remember the Sega Megadrive let alone this early attempt at the footy sim but those that are will remember it fondly.

A simple birdseye view and players that could only run in straight lines may not cut it in today’s world of lifelike graphics but endless hours were lost playing this game for a good four years.

The highlight though was the goal celebration, which was a still image of a player saluting the crowd – yes a still image!

4 – Sensible World of Soccer 96/97 – Sensible Software

Like Italia 90 Sensible’s offering opted for an overhead camera-only view but unlike its predecessor this game offered bags more than arcade style play.

Sensible was already the gamers’ choice by 1996 but this effort took the game to new heights with 24,000 teams, 15,000 leagues and the ability to trade players.

It cannot compete with the gameplay of today’s titles but is still remembered fondly and played by gamers who refuse to let go of their youth.

3 – First Touch Soccer World Edition – First Touch Games

Sensible Soccer for the iPad generation – FTS is a commuter’s best friend. The Oxford-based independent games developer has offered a number of solid gaming apps – such as Dream League Soccer and Score – but FTS World Edition is addictive gaming at its best and is completely free!

With slick gameplay, a quality soundtrack, detailed manager mode and up-to-date team information you’ll think twice before dipping into your pocket for a ‘top title’ after giving this a whirl.

2 – Fifa 14 – EA Sports

Fifa or Pro Evo is the gamers’ equivalent of Blur or Oasis. Most people have made up their minds and they are not to be swayed.

However, while PES was the clear leader for some time there is a growing belief that Fifa has regained the crown and this was never more clear than when Fifa 14 was released.

Seemingly aimed more at football purists than video game lovers Fifa 14 is uber realistic, meaning it can delight and frustrate in equal measure but then that’s what football is all about.

You might be asked why you’d want to spend your hard earned cash and free time getting frustrated in front of a TV but you don’t ask her why she enjoys crying to Sex and the City so it’s all good!

1 – Pro Evolution Soccer 5 – Konami

The PES peak was reached with this title and Konami have failed to scale such heights with every launch since. PES devotees still claim the newer games to be better than Fifa but the latest edition lacks the playability of this installment.

Many of the PES titles could have been included in this list but with a fully developed Master League and the long-awaited inclusion of real player names (no more Ruud Von Mistelroum), this is about as fluid as a footy sim gets and still stacks up in today’s market.

Available from about £3 on ebay this could be a real alternative to Fifa 15 – if you don’t already have it that is!

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James Curtis

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