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Ladbrokes poll: Suggested names for the London NFL franchise

| 20.10.2014

Here at Ladbrokes Towers we love the NFL almost as much as those people pretending to have fun behind Vernon Kay during Channel 4’s weekly highlights show so imagine our delight when the news broke that a franchise could be coming to these shores!

It would appear that after raking in a veritable fortune from American football fans visiting Wembley last month, the head honchos behind the world’s most popular sport are thinking of making it a more permanent arrangement.

And the good news coming from the BBC is that ex-Denver Broncos quarterback John Elway believes the idea of basing a franchise in London is a viable one – because apparently his opinion matters.

“I don’t think that would be an issue. For the most part we’d adjust,” he told the news provider.

“We have Monday night games, Sunday night games, Thursday night games – our players do a tremendous job of adjusting.”

They aren’t the only ones who will have to adjust, with many Wembley visitors used to watching over-long, expensive and often tedious games involving the England team likely to find it tough going when they are forced to watch over-long, expensive and often tedious NFL games instead (only joking).

But before anything happens, we think it’s high time they came up with a name for the new franchise – here are our five suggestions – vote for your favourite and then suggest an alternative in the comments below.

The Brent Borough Broncos – No, it’s not a tribute to the Ricky Gervais character from the Office but rather a reference to the borough Wembley is based in – with Broncos stuck on the end, of course.

The Harrow Hawks – If those behind the new London franchise are keen for the team to soar, then giving them a Hawk-based name is the best solution. Look, it was either that or the Harrow Pigeons.

The Wembley Wildcats – In an ideal world we would call them the Wembley Wildboys but given all the recent Yew Tree antics down at BBC headquarters, we thought otherwise.

The London Lions – Picture the scene – the London Lions come on to the Wembley pitch backed by a live performance of “Roar” by a bikini-clad Katy Perry. Wait…what are we talking about again?

The Capital Cardinals – This one was based on some proper sports research – the Capitals are a great NHL team, the Cardinals are a great MLB team. Put them together and maybe you get a great NFL team? Yeah! Maybe…

Which of the names do you like? Vote for your favourites below and add your own suggestion in the comments!

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Jack Beresford

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