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Jeb Bush now favourite to be 2016 Republican candidate

| 04.12.2014

A crowded Republican field for 2016 now has a clear front-runner: Jeb Bush.


The vibes are that he is very likely to run. The most common objection – his surname, is probably less of a drag on his chances than many people assume. His main hurdles are likely to be his views on education and, particularly, immigration, which are less hard-line than most in the Republican Party would like.

On the plus side, he shouldn’t find it any problem raising the huge amounts of cash needed to run a campaign. He has plenty more going for him as well. A Mexican born wife and being fluent in Spanish could help somewhat with the Republicans “Latino problem”. His stint as Governor of Florida would give him an excellent chance of taking the state for the GOP; it’s going to be very hard for them to win the White House without it.

Bush polled second in the most recent survey of Republican primary voters behind Mitt Romney. At this stage, name recognition tends to skew such polls and Romney is denying that he is planning on another shot at the Presidency (which doesn’t mean much).

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