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Is this 20 year old SNP candidate going to unseat Douglas Alexander?

| 06.02.2015


The SNP have selected 20 year old Mhairi Black as their candidate for Paisley and Renfrewshire South. A seat where Shadow Foreign Secretary Douglas Alexander has a majority of over 16,000 votes.

Amazingly, Black is now favourite to win the seat, following Lord Ashcroft’s polling showing the SNP ahead here.


If this poll is accurate, Alexander would need every single Liberal Democrat and Tory voter to switch to Labour just to draw level with the SNP.

The SNP were 33/1 to win this seat pre indyref. The odds had got down to 13/8 before the Ashcroft poll and dropped to 4/7 immediately after. We have seen a little bit of money for Douglas Alexander to hold on in the last 24 hours; that in itself is quite unusual as virtually no-one has wanted to back Scottish Labour anywhere, no matter how big the odds get. So Wee Dougie’s odds have bounced backed to Evens today from 5/4.


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Matthew Shaddick

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