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#GE2015: Pick a path to Downing Street with Ladbrokes

| 07.05.2015

Their campaigning is over and their votes have been cast, leaving nothing for David Cameron and Ed Miliband to do but sit tight until the results start rolling in on General Election day.

It won’t be a comfortable wait for the pair, with this expected to be the closest election result in decades.

326 seats, or 50.15 percent, are needed for either the Conservative or Labour party to form a majority government in the House of Commons. The BBC’s latest poll of polls, taken the night before voting started, had the Tories winning 34 percent, with Labour at 33.

In such unpredictable waters any outcome, including coalitions and minority governments, are still completely possible.

Ladbrokes predict that the Conservatives will win 279 seats, needing to form a coalition to remain in Government, but will that come from 2010 co-conspirators, the Liberal Democrats, or a collection of others?

The only way to follow the steps to Downing Street is with Ladbrokes’ flowchart, complete with betting odds of each outcome.

Whether you think it’ll be Cameron or Miliband settling into Number 10 for the next five years, you can plot the path and place a bet on either possibility below:

election-flow-chart-2015 (2)



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