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Love Your Club: Keith Lasley – Motherwell

| 24.07.2015

Keith Lasley may have been born in Paisley and spent a period of his career at English clubs Plymouth Argyle and Blackpool but he is Motherwell through and through.

The 35-year-old is loving life at Fir Park and relishing his role as captain of what he describes as “a real family club”.

Here he tells us why he loves Motherwell FC…

Why do you love Motherwell FC?

I think I love the club because it has become a massive part of my life now. I’ve spent a large part of my life as an employee of the club and my two kids are now Motherwell fans. The whole family are now and we aren’t from the area but it feels like we are now just because of the long association.

We’ve turned into a real family of Motherwell fans and it’s a family oriented club with a close-knit community and what the club is doing with the Well Society is great.

There’s a real togetherness from the boardroom through the players and down to the fans and I think that was shown more so than ever with how we all came through together last year.

It’s something that’s special in my heart and hopefully a club I can be involved with for a few years yet.

Describe the fans and what they mean to the club

I think my rendition of ‘Twist and Shout’ at the end of the play-off games against Rangers with the Motherwell boys in the corner sticks out. They’ve been fantastic for the club with the atmosphere they bring both home and away is superb.

I’ve got to know a few fans personally over the years and as I said I now regard myself as a fan of the club so I’ve been lucky in that I’ve made a lot of friends and connections young and old.

The fans are the club to be honest and hopefully the Well Society will help the community and be a shining light in Lanarkshire and continue to grow as the years go on.

What’s the vibe like in the dressing room?

It’s excitement, especially at the start of a new season when you’ve got the hard work under your belt. It’s a raring to go feeling with a bit of nerves, but that’s only right as it shows you care and want to do well.

But as soon as you walk over that white line that’s when you lose that tension and it’s all about carrying out your job and carrying out a game plan and winning. Overall it’s really a feeling of excitement.

Can you name a Motherwell Backroom Hero?

There are plenty at Motherwell! It’s a real family club and everyone pulls their weight together.

There’s Alan the kit man who does all the hours of a day and likes to remind us of that on a regular basis. He’s been at the club for a number of years and keeps it going behind the scenes.

There is also Elaine who makes the guys their breakfast and teas and coffees in the morning who is great. Karen the club secretary as well, Wendy in the office … I could go on and on and on.
It’s what makes the club so special. It’s not just a job to these people.

They love the club and they want it to succeed and go that extra yard for Motherwell. The success the club has had in the past is as much down to these guys as the guys who run out on the pitch on a Saturday.

What do you love most about being a Motherwell footballer?

Playing football for a living is fantastic. I appreciate it more as I get older as it’s something that when I left school and started an apprenticeship as an electrician I didn’t think I’d be able to do.

I didn’t turn pro until I was 19 so it’s certainly something I appreciate and to do it for a club I’m now a fan of and to be the captain is something I thank my lucky stars for on a daily basis.

It’s something that I cherish every day and try to impart onto the younger players to make the most of the chance they’re being given. And hopefully I’ve got another couple of years in me yet.



James Curtis

After studying for a degree in journalism and gaining his NCTJ, James contributed to a wide range of papers, online publications and broadcasters including the South London Press, Press Association and Sky Sports News before joining the Ladbrokes News team.