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Spurs outcast linked with earth-shattering Sunderland move

| 16.07.2015

Upon the recent appointment of Claudio Ranieri as Leicester City manager, Gary Lineker weighed in with his view:

“It’s amazing how the same old names keep getting a go on the managerial merry-go-round,” pondered the man who presents football for the BBC, NBC, Al-Jazeera, and has recently been unveiled as the face of BT’s Champions League coverage.

Still, at least the media doesn’t rely on the same old stale faces hey Gary.

Yet it isn’t just television presenters and managers who seem to have no problem finding their services in demand, even in the absence of any logical explanation.

Enter Younes Kaboul, a regular at Spurs for a couple of seasons, until both of their more recent managers decided he was less Cannavaro, more Cannadefend.

Yet every transfer window without fail, Kaboul is associated with so many clubs, that it is rumoured Google itself cannot handle the implications of a search entitled ‘Kaboul linked with…’

This time around, it is the lucky people of Sunderland with whom Kaboul is flirting. A good fit some might say, considering the Black Cats penchant for a clumsy defender (see recent files marked Ferdinand.A, and Bramble.T.)

But will he end up there? Back in 2008, his agent stated, “Younes wouldn’t join Sunderland even if there was an earthquake.”

Leaving aside why anyone would flee to Sunderland in an earthquake – is it perhaps set up for disaster relief – whilst Ladbrokes can confirm from a quick glance out of the window that the tectonic plates are not moving, Kaboul’s bags nevertheless could be.

Sunderland are currently 7/4 to get relegated with Ladbrokes, a price that could plummet if Kaboul’s hefty tome alights on the Stadium of Light.

All Odds and Markets are correct as of the date of publishing.

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