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Love Your Club: Kevin Smith – East Fife

| 07.08.2015

East Fife forward Kevin Smith has plenty of experience playing in England and Scotland and now finds himself at his 10th club.

Such knowledge means the 29-year-old former Leeds, Sunderland, Dundee United and Dumbarton man has many a comparison to make but still he’s loving the atmosphere at Bayview Stadium

Here he tells Ladbrokes News why he loves East Fife FC…

Why do you love East Fife?

I love the club because the fans are great, the chairman, the manger and the players are all decent people and there’s a really good atmosphere at the moment.

Describe the fans and what they mean to the club

The fans are great and you can hear them during a game but you try to block it out. Just likes us fans can say stuff that they regret during the game.

There’s an old saying about the fans being a 12th man but it’s definitely the case. Their support gives you purpose and urgency and gives you an edge. You realise what you’re doing and it what it means to people.

We played Raith Rovers recently and one guy tweeted a picture of superman with my face on beofe the game which was good – it’s good to get a bit of banter with the fans.

What’s the vibe like in the dressing room?

When we first get in on a Saturday there’s a relaxed vibe and we’re all listening to slow music. The manager comes in and starts talking and then the music gets pumped up.

Then the butterflies happen before the warm up and then it’s a case of getting in the right head space and then it just gets more exciting as game time approaches

Can you name an East Fife Backroom Hero?

Monty the kitman and David – they do most of the work and all of the fans probably don’t even know they exist. They are worth every penny they get.

What do you love most about being an East Fife footballer?

Match day without a doubt. There’s no better feeling than scoring a goal or getting a win. It puts you on a high for the rest of the week. There’s no better feeling than getting all three points and knowing the hard work you’ve put in with a good group of boys has paid off.



Robbie Morris

Robbie studied sports journalism at the University of Gloucestershire, an establishment chosen for its proximity to Cheltenham racecourse, where he was a season ticket holder. Upon graduation, Robbie was a contributor to GolfPunk, a national magazine aimed at ridding golf of its traditionalist image, before joining the news.ladbrokes team.