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Sam Bailey: If Olly Murs leaves X Factor Rylan is man to replace him

| 30.11.2015

X Factor host Olly Murs has dropped a hint that he may quit the show in order to focus on his music and I have to say I’d be sad to see him go.

He’s come in for a bit of stick in recent weeks but I think the chemistry between him and Caroline Flack is natural and they are a great fit for the show.

I love Olly as a presenter. Him and Caroline were great on the Xtra Factor but there is more pressure on the live show and I think the mistake with Monica has knocked him.

I love watching him though. I do miss Dermot as he was the King of X Factor but he’s not coming back so I’d tell Olly to pick himself up and realise that people love him on the TV. He shouldn’t rule himself out of keeping the job.

If he does go though there’s only one person to fill his boots for me and that would be Rylan. He’s amazing and he’d be great at it. He’s another person who knows the show inside out and he’d do a fantastic job.

4th Impact were never going to win so it was the right time for them to go

4th Impact were the latest act to be booted off the show and I think it was the right decision. I hear they are already big in the Philippines so I think they’ll be fine.

I actually loved the heartfelt performance on Saturday but I think it was the right time for them to go as I don’t think they could have gone on to win the competition.

I’m not really sure what their fan base is. A lot of young girls like them so there could be a market for them in the UK for a time but I don’t think they can be as big as the likes of Little Mix over here.

They are great singers but it was a shame we didn’t get to know them individually. It’s difficult when the individual personality doesn’t really shine through.

When Simon referred to them as A, B, C and D he made a valid point. They are all sisters so it’s difficult to gauge their personality. They tried to show it on Saturday with the second song but it was too late.

There’s the one singer with a big voice but I couldn’t tell you what her name is as I just know them as 4th Impact. With groups like the Spice Girls the individual identities were clear – they were all big personalities within the group and that’s very important. Young fans want to be one of the people in a group and 4th Impact didn’t really offer that. I don’t think there was any malice on Simon’s part, he was just making a point and it was a valid one.

It wouldn’t surprise me if he signs them though as they are great on stage and they are ready to go. They blew everyone away with their first audition and they just need to find that individuality – if they can do that I’m sure Simon will be happy to have them.

Keep your chin up Che – It happens to the best of us

Che got some stick from the judges for fluffing his lines at the weekend but I think the whole episode showed what a strong character he is.

He changed the song around on the spot and almost got away with it. He took on a record-breaking song and the biggest song of the year and the pressure he was under would have been immense but he shouldn’t be disheartened.

I forget songs all the time, as do some of the best in the business, and it is a horrible feeling but he was so brave to even take on that number.

If I was in this year’s show and they asked me to sing that song I’m not sure I would have agreed to it. I probably would have said no. I was shocked that he went to sing it. He doesn’t have to worry though; he did really well and bounced back in style with his second song. I’m very proud of the way he handled that whole episode.

Bubbly Lauren is coming into her own at just the right time

Lauren has emerged from the background in the last couple of weeks and when they did the ensemble performance on Sunday she really shone through. When they all sing together like that her talent and confidence really tells.

She is a real contender to do well now. She’s a fighter and a lovely girl and she’s got a great bubbly personality.

It showed with her first song that she‘s at her best singing contemporary songs and leaving the Mariah and Whitney tunes alone.

The current stuff sells her voice more and she looks great when doing it. She will do well regardless of whether she wins or not as she is a natural singer. Everyone relates to her too as she’s just a normal girl and someone people can relate to. I’d like to go out and have a laugh with her and a lot of other people will feel like that.

I think the singing comes a little more naturally to Lauren than some of the others as while she’s still young she has been singing a little longer than the likes of Louisa and Che. She’s really comfortable up on stage and she hardly has to open her lungs to get those big notes out.

It’s an effortless vocal at times and while that means she’s got an incredible range it might not win her as many votes.

The influence of Annabel Williams on these contestants is clear for me to see. They’ve all progressed and Lauren must be brimming with confidence at the minute as she’s been great.

Reggie ‘N’ Bollie will have next year’s summer smash – I’d put money on it

They came across as a bit of joke act at the beginning but I really do think Reggie ‘N’ Bollie can have a really big album.

You can just see them bringing out a really catchy summer tune that people will be singing everywhere. As much as it pains me to say it I’ve been really enjoying their performance and It wouldn’t surprise me to see them in the final now.

You get an act like that on the show every year and you start to wonder who will go to make way for them.

I won’t be sad if they make the final as they could bring out something very special .A fun song that gets the whole country buzzing. I’d put money on that happening.

They aren’t stupid either and will know that they are the gimmicky act remaining in the show. They can’t go on stage and sing a ballad and that’s why they pulled out all the stops at the weekend. The year I was on it was similar with Rough Copy who jumped about and enjoyed it and it might be that the producers were very clever in using the wife and kids and Cheryl during the performance on Saturday.

They want to win and are willing to do whatever it takes. It just shows that they are normal people. I’m not going to say another bad word about Reggie ‘N’ Bollie. They’re not the best singers in the world but they are fun and they are what the show needs.

The other three are all similar and these two bring something different to the mix. If they bring out a song next year I’ll be downloading it for sure.

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Sam Bailey

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