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Sam Bailey: Sorry Grimmy but it’s time to move on

| 07.12.2015

It is the last week before this year’s X Factor final and Simon Cowell has already set tongues wagging about next year by failing to confirm if Olly Murs, Caroline Flack and Nick Grimshaw will return.

Simon has said he will let the public decide their fate and while I’d really like to see Olly and Caroline back I think it might be time for Grimmy to be on his way.

Olly made one big mistake earlier in the series but I think he’s learned from it and overall it has worked really well with him and Caroline. Dermot O’Leary’s shoes are very big to fill so anyone coming in was going to be criticised but I think they have a great chemistry and should be kept on.

I really think Grimmy should make way, however, for someone like Tony Hadley, who’s just had a great stint in I’m A Celebrity, or a legend like Tom Jones.

It’s not personal thing and to be fair I have enjoyed Grimmy’s efforts in recent weeks. He’s shown his emotion and he tries to have a good time with it. He’s taken a bit of flack at times, even from me, but I think a judge on a competition like this should be someone who has been there and done it for a long time.

I’ve warmed to Grimmy a bit but I just don’t think he’s qualified to judge. It’s time to get rid and make way for someone who has icon status in the industry.

The contestants and the viewers would really take to someone who really knows what they are doing and can help season an act. Grimmy is a good radio presenter but at the end of the day he just plays music. He’s not a singer or a performer and for me that doesn’t qualify him to judge other people.

Reggie ‘N’ Bollie aren’t the joke act we all thought they were

Lauren was the unlucky act not to make it to this year’s final and there has been a lot of people upset that she lost out to Reggie ‘N’ Bollie, who – let’s face it – can’t really sing.

Lauren is without doubt a better singer but after what I’ve seen in recent weeks I think Reggie ‘N’ Bollie can go on to have a real career.

I can see them releasing a summer smash single and then take it from there. They’re not amazing singers but they are not a joke act. There is real talent in their rapping and entertaining and while they can’t necessarily sing like Louisa Johnson or Che Chesterman, those two can’t do what Reggie ‘N’ Bollie can do either.

Obviously you’d like to think that they won’t win as it is a singing competition after all but it’s down to the public and it really is anyone’s game now.

I’d like to think Louisa or Che would win for that reason and my heart is still with Che as he makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.

This week will show finalists what winning would be like

This week the final three will board a tour bus and head home to drum up some support. I didn’t get the bus when I was on the show as they didn’t have them the year I was on but I know where they are at now and what they are facing this week. They will be like deer in headlights now.

They will all be going home to do their homecoming and when I did mine I was overwhelmed by the support I had…it’s a very exciting time and nice to be back among friends and family.

It will be incredible for them. There will be a lot more going on. They’ll all be staying in a plush hotel, they will have security around them and it will be a massive step up and the first time they’ll get a real taste of what life could be like if they win.

I never saw myself winning but once you reach the final you know you’re OK and that you’re going to be remembered for making it that far. Whatever happens now these three have made it and will have big careers and make some real money.

They just need to suck it up, put in a great performance in the final and accept that life is different now.

X Factor is definitely not fixed but might be shaped in the early stages

There have been rumours of the show being fixed this year – like every year before – but with the public voting for their favourites there is just no way that can happen.

If the judges had the final say all the time there would be more scepticism but this year it has gone to deadlock more often than not so the public are the ones who decide.

In the early stages the show can be pushed to make sure they get the series they want but once you get to the live shows it is all down to the public.

Missing out on Xmas No1 could be hard to bounce back from

The recent changes to the way the charts are measured means this year’s winner will need to hold on to top spot for two weeks in order to get the Christmas number one and that will make it much harder to achieve.

My single went platinum and ended a three-year wait for an X Factor Christmas number one but it will be harder this year and it might be hard to bounce back if this year’s winner doesn’t get it. If I’m not remembered for anything else I’ll always have a place in UK pop history for having a Christmas number one. I could end up working as a shop assistant and I’d still have that to my name. It’s kind of expected of you and it will be a big blow if whoever wins misses out.

With the right song though all three could hold their own for a couple of weeks to clinch it and weirdly I think Reggie ‘N’ Bollie are best equipped.

Despite them not being the best singers you just have to look at the likes of Mr Blobby and Bob the Builder to see that everyone loves a novelty act at this time of year. If those two can get there there’s no reason to think Reggie ‘N’ Bollie can’t top the charts.

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Sam Bailey

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