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If Game of Thrones did Premier League football…

| 25.04.2016

To use the oft-mentioned quip, unless you’ve been hiding under a (very big) rock, you’ll be fully aware that Game of Thrones is back.

Season Six is underway after months of speculation over the fate of pretty much everyone, with cliffhangers looming every which way in Westeros at the end of Season Five.

But the return of George R.R Martin’s hit novel-turned-groundbreaking show gave us at Ladbrokes News a little idea.

What if the houses of Westeros (and Essos) were Premier League teams? And what if Premier League teams were houses of Westeros?

We’ve put our heads together and found a few family/team combos that actually sound far too alike.

Let’s begin with that lovely clan from King’s Landing…

House Lannister = Chelsea

One of the richest houses of them all but has seen better days in the Kingdom, they still hold relevance and no doubt they’ll be back to their ruling best once again

House Baratheon = Leicester City

Ousted the old order in an explosive campaign, the house isn’t out of the woods yet with rivals closing in to reclaim their place. This house is surprisingly popular within the kingdom.


House Targaryen = Manchester United

A former great house, but a mad king has endangered its legacy and future. Constantly striving to return to former glories the house once enjoyed, time is moving on and people are beginning to question their ability to ever return to the throne.


House Stark = Arsenal

A house with a rich and honourable history, but with ineffective leadership has started to struggle in recent times.

Its following are now undecided on which direction the house should take, and frequently vent their frustration.


House Tyrell – Manchester City

One of the wealthiest houses in the land, this house has only come to the fore in recent years. This house strives to be regarded seriously and will do anything to achieve such respect.


House Bolton = Tottenham

Formally in the shadow of House Stark, this house is now ruler of the North (London). They’re youthful and boast a fine leader, but can they stay at the top?


House Greyjoy = Liverpool

Often reflecting on past glories, this house has seen an upturn in fortune under a new and ambitious leader, however the next chapter could still go either way.


House Arryn = Everton

A house which is so often riddled with nearly-men. Can talk the talk but when it comes down to it how often can they walk the walk?


House Tully = Newcastle

A house steeped in history, but recent times haven’t been kind to their loyal following. Poor decisions from their leader has left this house in a dire state.


All Odds and Markets are correct as of the date of publishing.



Richard Marsh

Richard loves his sport, especially if it involves the sound of tyres screaming around a race track. He's not fussy though and his '90s Premier League nostalgia and knowledge of team nicknames is tough to match.