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Can West Brom just get to it and sell Berahino already?

| 29.06.2016

So Iceland knocked England out of Euro 2016, and people are pretty upset about it. That’s understandable.

Fans that were so looking forward to watching the Three Lions getting it done in France now have a void in their summers.

Not ’til the Premier League begins again in August will those football lovers get to voice their devotion for a team. There is nothing, it seems, to get them by in the meantime.

But then that’s overlooking the staple time-filler that is the transfer rumour.

What better way to generate excitement for a new campaign, and banish bad memories of Wayne Rooney’s struggles than with those little parcels of hope?

A simple stroll around the internet reveals just how pleasurable a refreshing rumour can be. On the morning of June 29th there were any number of transfer titterings to engage top-flight fans. Let’s have a look-see:

Andros Townsend is heading to Crystal Palace, apparently. Ronald Koeman wants to bring a Polish Euro 2016 star to Everton. Robert Lewandowski maybe? Middlesbrough are ruffling Newcastle feathers by nabbing one of their best players. And West Brom are considering selling Saido Bera…..oh for Pete’s sake, this tripe again?

In case anyone on the planet had forgotten, Saido Berahino still plays for West Brom. Although plays may be a rather loose description of what he actually does there.

For as long as Uber has been a cost-efficient mode of transport the striker has been linked with a move away from the Hawthorns.

It was Manchester United first, basically because he watched a game at Old Trafford one time.

Then Tottenham spent two arduous transfer windows pursuing a deal for the England U21 man last season. They never managed to agree a fee, but in the absence of any real transfer action elsewhere, that saga became passable as drama.

Now, Southampton have supposedly come calling. Whether the interest is genuine or is a happy coincidence after the Saints just received £30-something million for Sadio Mane, nobody knows.

Either way West Brom, on behalf of English football fans everywhere, please just sell Berahino to any club for any money and have done with it. For all our sakes.

All Odds and Markets are correct as of the date of publishing.



Matt Wiggins

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