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Meet the man who can scupper Trump’s Presidential hopes

| 22.07.2016

With Donald Trump officially announced as the Republican candidate to run in this year’s US Presidential Election, the race has now begun to succeed Barack Obama.

But behind all the headlines and attention on Trump and Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, we’ve found the man who could mean trouble for ‘The Donald’.

That man is Gary Johnson, a former governor of New Mexico, and he is now running as candidate for the Libertarian Party and is attracting plenty of favour from disillusioned Americans.

Supported by running mate, former Governor for Massachusetts William Weld, Johnson has hit 13 per cent support in a recent CNN Presidential poll.

We’re offering 5/1 on the 63-year-old gaining over 10 per cent of the popular vote, and there’s plenty to suggest that may be worth backing.

With support and furore over Trump’s Presidential campaign, most media attention has so far focused on his followers.

But Johnson is set to be the man who will reap the rewards of Republicans, and even Democrats, who are struggling to find faith in their party candidates.

A plethora of reports across the Atlantic believe Johnson could have a huge say in how military troops vote, with a recent poll stating military members will plump for the Libertarian over either Clinton or Trump.

A similar report suggests delegates from States who pledged for former Republican hopeful Ted Cruz, including Utah, may yet twist and vote for Johnson instead of Trump.

These may be insignificant numbers in the grand scale of things, but they could have a sizeable factor in who succeeds Obama in the Oval Office.

With Clinton 2/5 favourite, the former Secretary of State has plenty of room to spare should she lose a few factions of support.

But that is not the case for Trump.

Any loss in support will wound 15/8 odds, and though Johnson may impact numbers for both the Republican and Democrat candidates, it’s the GOP who have more to lose.

All Odds and Markets are correct as of the date of publishing.



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