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Buzzword Bingo: Trump and Clinton ready for Round Two

| 08.10.2016

After an explosive first debate with a record-breaking 83m viewers, US Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump go head-to-head again this Sunday. Once again, we’ve got another round of Buzzword Bingo for you to get involved with.

With the election just over a month away, we can expect another bumper crowd to tune in and watch the Democratic and Republican nominees take part in another episode of mud-slinging, point-winning debate at Washington University in St Louis, Missouri.

Trump and Clinton’s first clash proved a heated exchange, and it broke the previous Presidential debate viewing record of 80.6m viewers for Ronald Reagan against Jimmy Carter in 1980.

So, as we prepare for round two, we’ve put together another list of words, quotes, names and quips for Buzzword Bingo.

You seemingly cannot move in the States before you hear someone say ‘Make America Great Again’ and odds of 1/10 suggest Clinton and or Trump are also guaranteed to quote the phrase on Sunday night.

Commander in Chief’ and ‘Putin’ are also quite heavily odds-on, while better value lies in ‘Mexico’s Gonna Pay For It’ at 5/4 or a barb from Trump on Clinton calling half his voters a ‘Basket of Deplorables’ at 6/4.

Similarly, it’s 2/1 that Clinton’s bout of pneumonia gets mentioned, as is ‘That Makes Me Smart’, referring to Trump allegedly not paying his taxes.

With just this and one other debate remaining before November 8’s historic vote, we could well see one or both candidates throw caution to the wind.

That might point us in the direction of ‘Fat Pig’ at 5/1 – perhaps an attack from Clinton on Trump’s sexist comments, while 10/1 says ‘Monica Lewinsky’ gets mentioned. Would Trump dare repost?

British viewers may be keen to keep an ear out for ‘Brexit’ at 4/1, while ‘Theresa May’ and ‘Nigel Farage’ are each at 10s.

This is a Presidential election unlike any other before and so finally, the rank outsider which could be worth a punt is ‘How The Hell Should I Know’ at 20s. Seems apt.

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Ladbrokes latest betting:

2nd Presidential Debate Buzzword Bingo:

1/10 – Make America Great Again

1/10 – Commander In Chief

1/5 – Putin

1/3 – Pennsylvania

1/2 – Terrific

1/2 – Reagan

1/2 – Racist

Evs – Unbelievable

Evs – Bigly

5/4 – Mexico’s Gonna Pay For It

6/4 – Basket Of Deplorables

2/1 – Crooked

2/1 – Pneumonia

2/1 – Give Me A Break

2/1 – That Makes Me Smart

3/1 – Founding Fathers

3/1 – That’s A Lie

3/1 – Media Bias

3/1 – Hard Working Families

3/1 – You’re Fired

4/1 – Total Loser

4/1 – Brexit

5/1 – Washington Bubble

5/1 – Fat Pig

10/1 – Monica Lewinsky

10/1 – Theresa May

10/1 – Nigel Farage

20/1 – How the Hell Should I Know

All Odds and Markets are correct as of the date of publishing



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