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Ed Balls: Donald Trump would be a catastrophic President

| 06.11.2016

On Tuesday the United States of America will vote for their 45th President. Hillary Clinton is up against Donald Trump, and the polls suggest a mightily close race is in store between the Democrat and Republican nominees.

The eyes of the world will be fixated on the USA over the next few days, with nobody quite sure what will happen.

As a Senior Fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School, former Labour MP Ed Balls has a better insight than most on this side of the pond.

Ladbrokes News spoke exclusively to the Strictly Come Dancing contestant, who shared his thoughts on Tuesday’s upcoming Election.

“I’m a Hillary supporter. I think whether you are Democrat or Republican in America, you should be voting for Hillary Clinton because I think Donald Trump would be a catastrophic President for America and for the World.”

“I don’t think anybody knows what a Donald Trump presidency would look like to post-Brexit Britain. And that’s part of the problem because it’s so unclear and it’s so uncertain what he stands for and where he’s going to go.”

“It’s unclear who is going to advise him, what direction he’s going to take. America is such a big anchoring country of the world, that uncertainty and doubt and questioning about where the country is going is already destabilising in itself for economies and markets.

“And if you throw into that a few Donald Trump curveballs, which you might see with China or across Asia or with Europe or the Federal Reserve, then things could become very unstable.”

“It could be that Donald Trump becomes a mad megalomaniac, and he may be actually end up being much more sensible and mainstream.”

“But nobody’s ever going to know and we won’t really know what the truth is if he were to win until the end of his presidency, and that means at least four years of uncertainty. And I would guess a four years where he ends up disappointing and making more people angry.”

“I arrived at Harvard last September, a year ago, just a few months after our General Election, and met a few people who I’ve known for years. I asked what was going on and they said Trump is having an early flurry but he’ll be gone by Christmas (2015).”

“My reply was that’s what everybody said about Jeremy Corbyn and he ended up becoming leader of the Labour Party and so you should be careful about things like that.”

“I think Hillary has had a bit of a hard time from the press. I think it’s a time in which the political classes are unpopular and outsiders can get more traction and Hillary is clearly of the political classes and not an outsider.

I think she gets a harder time than a John Kerry or a Mitt Romney and I think she is as good a candidate as both of those, so I think there’s a bit of gender to this as well. I think an older woman is judged by harder standards.”

The latest odds have seen another surge of support for Clinton, with her odds shortening again into 3/10.

Trump, with just days to go, has seen his odds drift once more, from 15/8 to 5/2.

Click here for the latest US Presidential Election odds and check back for the latest news ahead of Tuesday’s vote.

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