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Piers Morgan’s odds slashed for mention at Trump’s Inauguration

| 19.01.2017

The latest odds for Donald Trump’s Buzzword Bingo on Friday show that people are lumping on Piers Morgan getting a mention.

The book opened with Morgan the rank outsider at 100/1, but with Trump’s inauguration speech nearing closer and closer, the TV host is now just 33/1 to hear himself namechecked.

A number of punters stand to win a very princely £2000 each if the 45th President of the United States mentions the former Daily Mirror editor in his speech.

Hundreds of millions are expected to watch Trump’s speech this Friday.

And after this cheeky little RT on Twitter, we wonder if Morgan himself has had a little wager on Trump dropping him in to his speech?


But the most popular term to come up in Trump’s monologue tomorrow, according to the number of bets placed, is ‘ObamaCare’.

Trump’s office have already begun to repeal and replace Barack Obama’s much-debated Healthcare system, and the odds have already more than halved from 5/1 into 2s.


Another big mover is ‘Fake News’ with plenty of stakes forcing our traders to cut the odds from 10s into 3s.

It’s a similar story with ‘Hard Working Families’, now at 2/1 having begun in the market at 8s.

And it’s not just what Trump will say which is garnering attention, but how long he will speak for and what colour tie he will turn out in.

A speech of 10-20 minutes is the 4/6 favourite, but punters are backing the 70-year-old to verbalise for over half an hour.

That’s forced the odds of a 30min+ speech to halve from 16s into 8s.

And then there’s the tie.

With just three punters backing a blue effort, it’s between 4/6 favourite red, and any other colour, with the latter trimming slightly from 5/1 to 4s.

Jessica Bridge of Ladbrokes said: “Trump might be struggling for attendees on Friday, but there’s no shortage of punters backing his textbook phrases to make an outing during his inauguration speech.”

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