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Ultimate Fight Chat on how Mayweather looks unfazed by McGregor

| 21.07.2017

The Mayweather/McGregor roadshow has been and gone. Four cities in four days. Los Angeles, Toronto, New York and London, along with the watching world, witnessed some ferocious verbal exchanges between the two greatest thrash talkers on the planet.

And now that the dust has settled we’ve once again enlisted the services of Ultimate Fight Chat to help us uncover the devil in the detail.

Here’s how they viewed proceedings…

Money was quick to get on top and under McGregor’s skin

What started out as a promotional tour to hype up the fight soon became repetitive and tiresome, writes UFC.

This is why most fights only have the one press conference. but this isn’t just any fight, this is the biggest ever showdown in combat sports.

And despite the “same feel, different arena” blend, there were some interesting insights into the mental tactics both fighters like to employ. But who exactly came out on top in the war of words?

The first pit stop was Los Angeles and Floyd Mayweather and Showtime Promotions didn’t waste any time in ensuring they landed the first blow.

Knowing Conor McGregor has a razor sharp tongue and is a master of the mental game they muted his mic, guaranteeing he couldn’t rapidly fire back.

Despite McGregor’s best efforts, including his explicit suit, it was Mayweather who left LA feeling like he had gained the upper hand. But that was just about as good as it got for the American, in so far as the verbals were concerned.

The Notorious gained control of the crowds – if not Mayweather – from Toronto onwards

From that point on McGregor took control, and with his own mic in hand, he took aim at the Mayweathers and Showtime.

In Toronto, the fans lapped up his every word and shut down every sentence Mayweather attempted to utter.

Albeit, none of the booing phased Money and he even managed to get under the Irishman’s skin by draping himself in the tricolour.

But aside from that, Mayweather’s greatest moment over the four days was ‘Form Voltron’, which resulted in a scuffle between Mayweather’s bodyguards and McGregor’s entourage.

That was the highlight of the New York stop. Overall, it was a sound engineering disaster and neither fighter really came out on top which meant they were evenly tied heading to London.

London was fun but this fight is still Mayweather’s to lose

And so the stage was set for the final showdown in Wembley Arena. A mock boxing ring surrounded the stage and the crowd were in full voice once again.

McGregor, who was celebrating his 29th birthday, let rip one last time and reiterated his promise of “bouncing Floyd’s head off the canvas” before flinging his mic into the air and taking his seat to the roars of the London crowd.

Mayweather responded with his tried and tested “I’m richer than you” and “this is the easiest fight of my career” lines before the pair squared off for the final time.

Despite McGregor’s best efforts over the four days, Mayweather never looked emotionally or mentally beaten, like so many of the Irishman’s previous opponents have done so in the past.

We know Mayweather is ultra-confident in his abilities but there wasn’t one point throughout the tour that he looked uncomfortable or that McGregor’s taunts had affected him.

As the tour came to a close, UFC’s opinion still hasn’t changed. We still firmly believe Mayweather will get the win come August 26.

But Mystic Mac’s prediction of a fourth round stoppage shouldn’t be easily dismissed. Notorious is rarely wrong and he genuinely believes he has the power to breach Mayweather’s guard and send him crashing to the canvas.

We’ll find out if he can in about six weeks’ time. But for now, the talking is over.

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