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Strikers competing in the 2018/19 Premier League season

| 23.08.2018

And Mohamed Salah went into the new season wearing the crown. Will he repeat that feat next season? For the latest odds check out our Premier League Betting page.

The Liverpool ace scored 32 Premier League goals last season, setting a new record for a 38-game season. His incredible displays stopped Harry Kane from winning the Golden Boot for a third successive year.

We’ve profiled seven of the best Premier League strikers, using their goalscoring stats up to the end of the 2017/18 campaign:

Harry Kane

Harry Kane (25-years-old)

  • Premier League goals: 108
  • Headers: 16
  • Right foot: 64
  • Left foot: 27
  • Penalties: 14
  • Free kicks: 1
  • Inside the box: 96
  • Outside the box: 12
  • Assists: 14

Physical stats

  • Height: 1.88m
  • Weight: 89kg

Playing style

Some strikers are known for their speed, others for their power, others for their dribbling ability. Kane doesn’t really have a standout attribute, but he’s got an incredibly well-rounded game.

He’s a clinical finisher in the air and on the deck, but he’s just as comfortable dropping deep and building play.

The Walthamstow-born striker has already been top scorer at the World Cup and won the Premier League Golden Boot twice. He also scored 54 goals for club and country during 2017, more than any other player in Europe.

Training regime

His determination has been vital to his rise. Kane wasn’t destined for greatness. He has worked relentlessly to turn himself into one of the best strikers in the world.

The England captain has spoken of how he was inspired by New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. Brady was the 199th pick in the 2000 NFL draft, but he’s gone on to become one of the most-decorated players in the sport’s history.

As well as working hard on the training ground, Kane has employed a personal chef to ensure he’s eating properly.

With his mentality, he’ll only keep improving from here. Alan Shearer’s all-time record of 260 Premier League goals will be in his sights.

Mo Salah

Mo Salah (26-years-old)

  • Goals in Europe’s top five leagues: 69
  • Serie A goals: 35
  • Premier League goals: 34
  • Headers: 3
  • Right foot: 12
  • Left foot: 54
  • Penalties: 1
  • Free kicks: 0
  • Inside the box: 61
  • Outside the box: 8
  • Assists: 31

Physical stats

  • Height: 1.75m
  • Weight: 71kg

Playing style

Salah is one of the biggest stars in world football nowadays, but it’s not that long since he was branded a flop at Chelsea. He only scored two goals in 19 appearances during his two years there.

Liverpool signed him from Roma for £34m last summer, which looks like a bargain now. Salah struck 32 league goals and 44 in all competitions for the Reds.

Salah’s style is similar to Arjen Robben. They’re both agile dribblers who look to cut in from the right onto their left foot. Defenders know exactly what they’re planning. They just can’t do anything to stop them.

He’s drawn comparisons to Cristiano Ronaldo too. Both started as tricky wingers and grew into prolific goalscorers. Karim Benzema’s movement created space for Ronaldo at Real Madrid. Roberto Firmino does that job for Salah at Liverpool.

Training regime

Salah does plenty of his own work on top of Jurgen Klopp’s training sessions. After training finishes, he’ll spend almost two hours working on recovery. That includes massages or therapy for any knocks he’s carrying to make sure he’s in good nick.

Then he’ll work out in the gym, before doing some stretching. He’ll finish with a swimming session either at the training ground or with his daughter at home. His work will be done by 7 or 8pm in the evening.

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Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (29-years-old)

  • Goals in Europe’s top five leagues: 149
  • Bundesliga  goals: 98
  • Ligue 1 goals: 41
  • Premier League goals: 10
  • Headers: 18
  • Right foot: 101
  • Left foot: 29
  • Penalties: 12
  • Free kicks: 1
  • Inside the box: 142
  • Outside the box: 7
  • Assists: 42

Physical stats

  • Height: 1.87m
  • Weight: 74kg

Playing style

Aubameyang started his career as a winger, using his speed to race down the flanks. But it became clear that his ability to find space and get away from defenders would be even more effective centrally.

It’s a similar career path to Arsenal legend Thierry Henry, whose number 14 shirt Aubameyang now wears at the Emirates.

He started his career at AC Milan, but he really established himself during a three-year spell at Saint-Etienne. His performances there earned him a move to Borussia Dortmund in 2013/14.

The Gabon international spent his first season in Germany as a winger. Robert Lewandowski’s departure the following year led to Jurgen Klopp moving him up front. He’s never looked back, scoring 135 goals in 175 appearances for Dortmund and Arsenal since.

Training regime

Aubameyang has obvious physical gifts and he set a new Arsenal record with a one-legged trip jump of 7m 97cm on the first day of pre-season this summer.

But he works on the mental side of his game too. He’s posted clips on social media of him using equipment that helps improve situational awareness.

Romelu Lukaku

Romelu Lukaku (25-years-old)

  • Premier League goals: 101
  • Headers: 21
  • Right foot: 26
  • Left foot: 53
  • Penalties: 6
  • Free kicks: 1
  • Inside the box: 96
  • Outside the box: 5
  • Assists: 35

Physical stats

  • Height: 1.9m
  • Weight: 100kg

Playing style

Lukaku was described in some quarters as the “next Didier Drogba” when he arrived at Chelsea as a teenager, but he’s forged his own identity.

Michael Owen, Robbie Fowler, Wayne Rooney and Harry Kane are the only players to hit 100 Premier League goals at a younger age than the Manchester United star. He’s Belgium’s all-time top scorer with 40 international goals too.

Lukaku has all the attributes of a traditional centre-forward – he can dominate defenders with his athleticism. He’s clearly worked on his touch and link-up play too. He’ll be firing in goals for a long time to come.

Training regime

Lukaku has described himself as a “student of the game”. After playing at the weekend, he’ll catch up with the action from around Europe. He watches his own performances back too to see where he can improve.

The former Chelsea striker also studies some of his peers to pick up a few tricks. Last year he revealed that he’d been looking at videos of Edinson Cavani, Hugo Sanchez, and Javier Hernandez to learn from their movement.

Sergio Aguero

Sergio Aguero (30-years-old)

    • Goals in Europe’s top five leagues: 217
    • Premier League goals: 143
    • La Liga goals: 74
    • Headers: 23
    • Right foot: 157
    • Left foot: 36
    • Penalties: 23
    • Free kicks: 1
    • Inside the box: 194
    • Outside the box: 23
    • Assists: 60

Physical stats

      • Height: 1.7m
      • Weight: 70kg

Playing style

In his younger days, Aguero used to play off another striker to make full use of his skill and speed. He formed a great duo with Diego Forlan at Atletico Madrid.

Nowadays he operates almost entirely in the penalty box. Pep Guardiola has helped to develop his overall game at Manchester City, but he’s in the team to score goals. He does it exceptionally well.

His clever movement and ability to get shots off quickly make him one of the most clinical finishers around. The 30-year-old has scored at least 25 goals in six of his seven seasons at City.

Training regime

Aguero really struggled with muscle injuries during the early years of his time in England. They also prevented him from playing any real part in the 2014 World Cup for Argentina.

He tried to address the issue that summer by cutting meat, sugar and pasta out of his diet. In the four years since he’s only missed 38 days of action with a muscle problem.

Aguero isn’t the only top-level athlete to change his eating habits in search of marginal gains. The likes of Lewis Hamilton, Venus Williams, Jermain Defoe, and David Haye have become vegan to try and ensure they’re in the best condition possible.

Jamie Vardy

Jamie Vardy (31-years-old)

      • Premier League goals: 62
      • Headers: 6
      • Right foot: 42
      • Left foot: 14
      • Penalties: 10
      • Free kicks: 0
      • Inside the box: 61
      • Outside the box: 1
      • Assists: 20

Physical stats

        • Height: 1.79m
        • Weight: 74kg

Playing style

Vardy plays on the shoulder of the defence, using his speed to get in behind. His understanding with Riyad Mahrez played a key role in Leicester City’s incredible 2015/16 title win. Mahrez’s vision could pick out Vardy’s runs, setting him though on goal.

The England international doesn’t have any frills to his game. When he gets a chance, he tends to hit the ball as hard as he can. It works for him. He’s scored 57 Premier League goals over the last three seasons, including 26 strikes against the top six.

Training regime

It took Vardy a while to adjust to the demands of professional football. He was known to turn up to training worse for wear after a night out following his £1m move from non-league Fleetwood Town to Leicester in 2012.

He’s much more disciplined now, although he’s got a very unique matchday routine. He guzzles a can of energy drink as soon as he wakes up. At 11:30am, he’ll have a cheese and ham omelette with baked beans served alongside another energy drink.

Then he’ll have a double espresso while he’s waiting, before opening a third energy drink about 90 minutes before kick-off. Rather than down this one, he sips it slowly to make it last until after the warm-up.

Olivier Giroud

Olivier Giroud (31-years-old)

        • Goals in Europe’s top five leagues: 109
        • Premier League goals: 76
        • Ligue 1 goals: 33
        • Headers: 34
        • Right foot: 11
        • Left foot: 64
        • Penalties: 7
        • Free kicks: 0
        • Inside the box: 102
        • Outside the box: 7
        • Assists: 37

Physical stats

        • Height: 1.92m
        • Weight: 93kg

Playing style

There are very few strikers who are better in the air than Giroud. And while he lacks pace, his silky technique made him Arsenal’s first-choice striker for most of his six-year spell in North London.

He’ll always offer a great outlet with his strength, clever link-up play and he occupies defenders to create space for others.

He can be an enigma though. The Chelsea striker is capable of scoring unbelievable goals, such as his scorpion kick that won the 2017 Puskas Award. But he’s just as liable to miss a gilt-edged chance.

The veteran didn’t score during France’s World Cup win this summer, but he was never in danger of losing his place in the team. He was the focal point for Antoine Griezmann and Kylian Mbappe to play off.

Training regime

Giroud may not be quick, but he is very good at beating his marker in the box. He works closely with the wingers in training so that they understand each other.

When the winger is close to the byline, Giroud will know to run towards the near post. When they’re crossing from deeper, he’ll make his way to the far post. Running to the near post and scoring with a flicked finish is almost his trademark at this point.

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